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  1. My wife bought me one for christmas, I asked her to get it for me so I knew the price beforehand and wasn't expecting much, but I do have a few complaints and was wondering if anybody has a fix.......

    1st off, the charcoal pan doesn't sit well on the metal posts, several times during my smoke as I was stirring up the charcoal and moving it around it fell off to the ground and it was very hard and awkard to get it back up from the bottom of the smoker since I didn;t want to take off the meat, water pan and grates!

    2nd......there is hardly any room when you open the door to add wood chunks, chips and charcoal, the water pan seems to sit 3" above the fire......

    For $35 I wasn't expecting much but maybe someone can make a few suggestions on  how I can use this without the problems I experienced.

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    My wife bought this smoker for me last Christmas too.  Here's a link to some pretty helpful mods, hope it works, I've not tried posting a link on this site before.  I'm not very handy, but was able to do all of these mods.  Reversing the legs and installing legs on the charcoal pan is a big help past that silly small door.

    For the price, it is a pretty good starter unit, I've made ribs, brisket, chicken, and even did some cold/cooler smoking of some cheese in the cold up here in Wisconsin.
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    I know this post is a little old but how are you liking this smoker? I was thinking about getting it as a starter smoker.

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  5. for the price it's not bad, works just fine (i only did 1 smoke on it) It's a little hard getting the charcoal and wood chunks in that little door but there are some modificatons you can do to fix that. Another problem is the charcoal pan....You need to dril holes in air can get in it so the ash tends to smother the heat.

    I would go with something a little more money next time.

    Hope that helps!
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    I may grab one for a few test smokes to see if I have the patience to even smoke food. Cook for 8 hours eat it all in 15 mins. Lol. I have been reading about the mods also. If I get it any one got tips on how to paint it so it looks cool. Like should I get high temp paint used for a engine block or just some normal krylon?

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  7. A great starter. It was my first smoker about 15 years ago.  I still have it and use it for fish.  Never had a problem with it.  If your having problems adding  through the door, take a small length of aluminum leader/drain pipe, squeeze together to pop the seam and use it as a chute to add more charcoal if needed.  Just thought of this as I was typing. Good luck.
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    I mostly want it to do some ribs on. And get a feel for smoking.

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