Brining and/or Injecting Turkey?

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  1. We usually inject and deep fry our turkey but this year I plan on brining and smoking it.  Does the brining add enough flavor or should I inject it too?  I have my own rub that I am putting on the outside but wasn't sure if I need to do more to the meat itself?


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    I use this brine, follow this link to 3rd post ! I've used this for T-Day the last 3 yrs & the bird is really nice & moist ! No injecting, just brine for 24-36 hrs.... I never cared for white meat before cause IMO it was just too dry.... Not with this brine, comes out moist as the dark meat ! Then I rub down with a little peanut oil, lift the skin on the breast & put in a couple pats of butter, add a little rub or SPOG.... Sure makes a tasty bird !

    Hope this helps !
  3. Thanks.  I've actually got a brining solution that I like...similar to what you have...uses Old Bay, chinese 5 spice and some lemon and orange juice. Just wasn't sure if I needed to inject it but I guess the brine soaks in to and makes it pretty moist?  BTW...when we deep fry, the white meat is very juicy..not dry at all because the hot oil sears the outside immediately and closes off the pores so it can't dry out.


  4. This year's turkey came out awesome...   Brined in Salt, Brown Sugar, Garlic, water and apple juice overnight...  Basted with butter and cajun spice and smoked with cherry and hickory...   Best ever.....

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