Breakin in the Cajun Injector XL

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    Brought up to 220 and added wood chips. One hour later added more chips. 225 for 3 hours. Chip loader is very small and spring loaded. I had to pull it out and let it spring back 3 or 4 times to get the small amount of chips down the chip tube. Minor issue.

    Sweet lookin smoker. Dual double insulated glass doors, held by large magnets. Very easy to load by one person. No light for loading/unloading solved with my Boonie Headlight gear. Holding temps well. One heating element on the right side as usual. Rotated my racks bottom to top and left to right at 3.5 hours. Right side was getting done. Added more chips.

    25 and 3/4 inch racks X 4. 10 lbs slim jims on 3.5 racks. I will call it 24 inches usable. Another half rack at the bottom left for what I do not know yet. Baked beans or to heat sauce for salmon I can see that. I can't see it being a high heat area with it's location.

    It's heavy at 108 lbs. No problem on cement. 4 wheels, the front two lock. It is all assembeled.I wrestled it up on a small wooden deck I had with my gas grill.

    First impression very nice. Doing 10 lbs rather than my usual 5 lbs, Got a late start, Gonna be up late. CU    
  2. Nice looking sticks.

    Happy smoken.


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