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  1. Hello all smokers around the world. I'm a brand new smoker user from calgary alberta canada. I know brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Santa came early this yr and brought me a Bradley 4 rack digital smoker. Every weekend now I have been trying different things. Salmon. Codd roast chicken ribs and this past weekend I did 8 racks of jerky. High mountain spice. Sweet and spicey for half and a wet teriyaki for the rest. Turned out good. So good took it to work and it's all gone.
    Just wanted to say hi. This weekend I'm gonna try to attempt a 9 pound brisket. Try a cherry and apple and alder smoke for 3 hrs and I'm gonna do it slow and steady 200f for 9-11 hrs. And thoughts. Oh the rub was a dry rub high mountain hunters blend. Smells pretty dam good.
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    Just a bit of advice to ya Truckguy.........don't take all of the jerky to work...........leave a bit at home know....hard times. LOL.  Sounds like you got this smokin think down.  Good luck with the brisket and don't forget to post some pics.
  3. Thanks for the reply shaggy. It's a learning project for sure. When it's -15 -23 with windchill how do u keep the temp in the smoker. That was a huge learn for me. But I used some metal insulation fire blanket 2 layers all around the out side now she keeps steady temp. I must say the Bradley digital makes it so easy to set it and walk away.

    Yeah the boys at work won't be getting anymore. Unless they want to buy some the meats the most expensive part of it. Haven't made anything yet that I couldn't eat I have lucked out I guess.
  4. So there is the pics of my fish and my jerky last weekend and the brisket for Saturday.

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