Bradley "Bisquettes"

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by kingkoch42, Nov 3, 2011.

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    They are expensive & meant to be used in a Bradley smoker.
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  4. Have you ever smoke with grapevines? Aren't there a bunch of vineyards in France? Just wondering.
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  6. Damn government. Always taking the fun out of everything.
  7. Don't see why you couldn't use them but the bradley's are designed to load a bisket per 20 mins so you go through them pretty quick.

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    The bisquettes your are referring to are formed under extreme heat and pressure

    Under heat and pressure the natural "Lignin" is released from the wood and acts as a "Natural Glue"

    All wood contains Lignin, but some varieties have more than others.

    Basically, they take small chips and shavings, and form them into small pucks.

    You would get the same effect using chips

    For your purpose, I would keep using chunks

    Are there any Apple Orchards around?

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  11. Hey Cal,

    We have a "Mediterranean Almond" that the French have brought here (the locals call it pistachio), the fruit has a very thick hull about the size of a ping pong ball, I use it for smoking, ...not to much because it's strong.

    I just googled Sort-en-Chalosse, I see you have rain too, it's been raining steady for 5 days now, lots of crops, what do they grow there, ...anyway, you're close to Spain, can't you find any fruit or nut trees there you can use?

    The Gendarme at the apartments where I work that come from the districts are generally nice friendly people, surely someone has some kind of fruit trees growing in their yards, maybe you could get some trimmings from them.

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    Would there be an import duty on a gift? Or only on a business transaction?
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    Pecan is probably not to be found but Norway Maple is native to Europe(hence the name Norway Maple[​IMG]) and I know of at least 1 person in the States who uses it to cook with. Trying to find it may be your best bet.

    The reason I asked the ?'s was that I have a supply of maple and I might send you some but it sounds like it will end up costing you too much no matter what. 
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    "Smoke Stix"

    My Son & I used some of these (Link below) before I got my amazing smokers.

    They work great, last long, and are easy to break into any thickness you want to use (Lots of flavors).

    Maybe the shipping won't be as bad for you as the Bradley pucks.

    I think the Bradley pucks last about 20 minutes each, and I was getting about 1 1/2 hours per inch with these things.

    Still nothing beats an AMNPS, but I don't know how hard it is to get them & the pellets over there.

  16. Cal,

    Don't give up on the "field corn," way back when I was a teenager we picked field corn the first, second and even the third day is was ripe, good stuff, tasted just like sweet corn.

    Surely there is someone that has fruit or nut trees in their yard where you live, in a couple of months they will be trimming them, ...just saying.

    You know, I was thinkin' (dangerous, I know), how about if you went to Spain (peut-etre their customs are less strict), since it's so close, and open a boite postal and have the AMNS and dust or pellets sent there, they don't weigh much and maybe you could arrange with Todd to ship one pound per month (I received a 200 g package from England and it was about 6 Euros, so EU to Spain can't be much more if any) he sent an AMNS to me with dust and I don't remember the shipping, but I don't think it was that much, you might PM Todd, he could tell you for sure what the shipping would be.

    Maybe that helps,

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