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    The 18" variety. Came "pre-filled" with a pound of pellets. Bit confused on something here. Instructions read....

    1. Pour the pellets out of your new A-MAZE-N-TUBE-SMOKER (AMNTS).  Burn the residual oil off your AMNTS in your grill or smoker for 30 minutes at 275*.

    2. Hold your AMNTS with the hole facing up and fill your AMNTS with good quality pellets , 1" from the top.

    Question #1....why fill the AMNTS with pellets if it has a layer of protective oil on it? For that matter it is stainless, why does it need a protective layer of oil on it in the first place.

    #2 above pretty much tells me to not put the freshly dumped pellets back in they are contaminated with why ship the thing with pellets in it if they are going to be trashed by the layer of protective oil? I am so wife is sitting next to me calling me a smart ass, am I?

    Question #2, thanks to this protective layer of oil....which again with the AMNTS being stainless it really does need to to have a protective layer of oil on it. probably best to not cook this very confusing layer of protective oil off of it in our BGE?

    So help a fellow smoker out please.

    Next up, I am sure I will have some similar questions about the 40" MES that we got delivered today....stay tuned....
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    I have to side with your wife on this one.   Just stick it in the smoker and burn it off, then put the pellets back in and off you go. 
  3.  You need to understand the difference between residual oil and a "protective layer of oil" Of course SS doesn't need a protective layer of oil, but working metal with machinery can get residual oil on the metal.

     I simply washed mine in hot soapy water, Todd recommends a burn off. I didn't notice any objectionable smell burning the pellets.


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