Boneless Turkey Breast - Can you Clear some things up for me?

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  1. All,

    I've looked through the archive and there seems to be a variety of opinions on how to approach these. The meat I get locally is usually only a single breast rather than both halves, and they run in the 2.5-3lb range for the most part.
    • Seems like 45 minutes/lb is the expected time (give or take) with an IT ideal of about 160 - sound right?
    • I've done these on the gas grill for about 1 & 1/4 hours or so and they come out nice and juicy, and I've never brined them. Is the brine really necessary to maintain juiciness?
    • If I want crispy skin, how long should I pop them on the grill or in the oven? Any temperature recommendations for that finishing step?

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    The turkey breasts I did recently were pre-brined.  I smoked them for the recommended time to the  recommended IT (165) and they came out perfect!

    Here's the link.

    PGSmoker's Turkey Breasts


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    Good advice^^^^^[​IMG]
  4. Most excellent - thanks for the tips, Bill, and yours looked great.

    Hmmm, squash... 

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