Boneless chuck steak

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  1. Well the wife brought these home. We usually get the boneless chuck eye steaks which i believe rivals rib eye all day long.

    So as this is a slice of a chuck roast it is a slow cook piece of meat. So here we go. First they have been coated in spicy brown mustard, coarse sea salt , and coarse black pepper.

    They are going into a 225 smoker with high steam. 

     I am hoping for a tender slow cooked meat that will have a brisket flavor. Slap the whole piece on a roll.

    Stay tuned
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    I'm in!  [​IMG]  
  3. Allright not a success, but not a complete failure. I expected something different, but the meat has a great flavor and is tender. 2.5 hr and i pulled and wrapped in foil, placed in a Ziploc and let rest for an hour. Fajita sliced the meat and stacked on a hoagie coated with garlic butter with pepper jack cheese. Toasted in oven on broil. then smeared a generous slathering of mayo mixed with horseradish.

     Sorry no finished pics the 2 wives and the kids wasted no time. They have enjoyed their Carolina cheese steaks. not bad for a couple of $.89 / lb steaks. 
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    Two wives?  I've got 3 ex's but i don't cook for them!  Then again, my daughters mother eats most of the food that I send her way.  
  5. Well I figured out I could live with one mean woman that's tired or pay for two and have twice the headache and 3 times the noise. Not a complete success, but not a complete failure.
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    A good meal and only .99 cents a pound!

    Sounds like a winner to me!


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