bone-in 4.75 lb turkey breast (amish)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hoffmaba, Jul 31, 2011.

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    So, here's what I've learned from this forum and here's what I'd like to know still:

    People seem to really like the Tips Slaughterhouse brine recipe. I'm going to use that.  People seem to vary about the brining time from 4 hrs to 24 hrs. However, 4-5 seems to be safe. 

    In terms of cooking temp, other than cooking time, that seems to effect the nature of the skin. A higher cooking temp (325) produces crispier skin. Would a lower temp (250) produce more moist or smokey meat? 

    Also, about how long should I plan on smoking it for?  Is it like pork shulder where you're not smoking it for the whole time and you end with just heat and not smoke?


    You will be rewarded with plenty of pictures.
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    Poultry doesn't benefit from low and slow, I smoke mine at 250*.  If you want crispy skin you can either crank up the heat towards the end 300* or finish it on a hot grill. It's best to cook to temp, I smoke mine till 170* in the breast. 
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    I smoke all poultry at 325. A lower temp will not produce a moister, smokier bird.

    I also use mesquite, and keep the smoke rolling the whole time.

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