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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by loki993, Feb 23, 2015.

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    Hi been a while. I have a decent ECB that Ive used for a couple smokes with pretty decent success. It does take nearly constant babysitting though. well Im getting a decent bonus from work and Ive wanted a Kamado for some time now. All I really knew about for a while was the BGE, now there seems to be a lot more that are out there. 

    So the question....go with the BGE or is there another one that may be better? Im opened to just about anything aside from the really expensive ones like the Komodo Kamados or those super cheap carbroils. 
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    Vision Grills is where it's at for me.

    BGE's are sure nice but they are very expensive for what you get. Watch out for accessories which really run the costs up.

    Check out Costco & Sam's for good value mid-range models. When I get $600 together, I'm probably going to hit Sam's for a Vision Grill.
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  3. Do some researching on line and I think you will find the Kamado Joe is a better grill and costs less, after you add all the thing to the BGE that come standard on the Kamado Joe. I will have my Big Joe delivered this Saturday and can't wait to start cooking on it. Good choice going with a Kamado grill, there isn't any other grill that can do all the things that a Kamado grill can do.
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    So here is the problem. I found one KJ dealer that was near Ace Hardware...problem is I went there and its closed down. So the next nearest place to even look at one is over 50 miles away. I may have no other choice but to get a BGE...not that that's a bad choice by any means....I would have at least taken a look at the KJ though before I made my choice. 
  5. It's worth the 50 mile drive to take a look at the KJ. Make sure they have some on the floor, not all Ace hardware stores stock the KJ. Have you looked on the KJ web site for any other dealers in you area? If you take a look and decide it's a better grill then the BGE there are several online dealers that will ship it to your door. All the dealers are short of grill now because of the west coast dock workers strike. They have supposedly reached a settlement now and the goods should start moving again. The BGH is a very good grill, I just think the Kj is better. Check out the divide and conquer system, the well engineered hing setup and the overall quality of the KJ. 

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