Been awhile since I posted. Supposed to be beautiful today so smoking some country style ribs

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  1. Denver is supposed to be around 81 degrees today, so getting some cold beers, heading to the store, and going to smoke some country style ribs and beans, and sausage. Can't wait. Will update you throughout the day.
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    It has been beautiful here as well and I want to fire up the smoker but we have been having to many house showings  and open houses to even think about firing up the smoker. For now I guess I have to keep watching the forums to get my smoke fix.
  3. So I ran to King Soopers and grabbed a big package of CSR. Covered them in olive oil and Gates Spicy Rub (had a layover in KC last Sunday and grabbed a bottle!). Let them set for a half hour and just put them in the smoker. Have cherry wood burning so can't wait for 4 to get here!
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