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  1. Another successful recipe from Bear @Bearcarver...tried his unstuffed beef sticks and smoked them right along with some bacon...turned out great!

    Go to Bear's step by step for the recipe...

    Yes, I've been trying a lot of his recipes along with more from a few other fine folks on here that will get posted shortly...just getting the hang of my new smoker with some tried and true recipes before I just start makin stuff up...less expensive that way!

    All mixed up and into the fridge to sit overnight


    I make a ton of sausage at my house so I decided to try using my stuffer instead of free forming...




    Into the smoker pretty much per Bear's temp/time recommendations but I had to play a bit at the beginning because I had bacon in there, too.


    Done, chilled, wrapped and ready!


    My verdict is that they taste amazing but very smokey...might back down just a bit on the smoke. I was also playing with a new thermometer and it was completely different than the one inside my smoker. Also, with this much in the smoker, I definitely found my hot spots and need to deal with that. Back right sticks were pretty well burned up while other areas were perfect.

    Thanks and hope you enjoy!

    Yes, used Tapatalk again to upload...amazingly easy for pics then jump on here to edit.

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  2. bearcarver

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    Looks Great, Thomas!![​IMG]

    Glad you like the Sticks!    Most peeps like a little more heat than I had in that recipe.

    Nice Job!![​IMG]---------------[​IMG]

    As for the hot right side, I use a heat deflector to push the heat from the right over to the center before rising.

    NOTE: If anyone wants it, here's the Step by Step Thomas used:
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  3. crazymoon

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    Thomas , great looking sticks !!!![​IMG]
  4. Wow - They look great!  I've been looking at Bears recipes and seeing your results have convinced me to give them a try. [​IMG]

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