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    Well, the Grilling and Smoking season is here, and as usual there will be some accidents. We want you to be very careful out there and watch your P's and Q's . Handle the lighting of your Cookers with care , and be sure to extinguish your fires well. The Firemen are wanting a day off too.

    Keep the Kiddos away from the cooking until you are sure they are old enough to understand the repercussions .

    Have a fire extinguisher handy for the spark that gets away. If you are using Propane, remember this... when heated to much a propane tank will brust, when this happens the Gas expands several hundred times the volume in the tank causing a "B.L.E.V.E." that's a 'boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion' and takes everything around with it...bad JUJU.

    Check all your electrical connections and R/R if needed before you get that jolt and say"Should of listened".

    Be aware that IF you use a liquid fuel to start your fire, 'do not stand back and squirt more on to speed up the process , if you need, paper is better. Better yet, be PATIENT , you have all day.

    Guys , I know it's hard, but hold off on doing any hard partying(drinking) while cooking, party hardy AFTER the cooking is done. Bad thing to see on the  news " Dad got drunk doing a family BBQ and fell into the fire, more on BBQed Dad at !!."

    Camping, have water /extinguishers on hand to control fires. You don't want to burn your favorite Picnic area.

    Watch for Critters and avoid them if possible, and don't leave food , they can find thier own party goods in the Woods.

    Remember all the things you need for the party and make a list to help remind you, woe be you get to your destination and NO MEAT[​IMG].

    Take along enough Water so you don't get dehydrated, Pop , Alcohol and sweet drinks don't do well there, you need the water.

    That's what comes to mind to begin with, think things out and plan to be safe. We need you all and hope you have a wonderful Summer.

    Have all the fun you can and as always . . .
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    All good points... I'll add on to the  "Be Prepared"  

    Being prepared takes away stress and makes for a happier day for everyone. Happy Smoking everyone!
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    Great post, Stan, with plenty of must-read safety info.

    I'll add, don't forget to follow proper food safety and handling guidelines.  None of us wants to make folks sick from the food we cooked. 

    Watch out for cross contamination when handling multiple foods/meats...

    Keep your prep areas clean and sterile...

    Food-handling latex gloves are a must for me...

    When you cook poultry with other foods/meats, never allow the poultry to drip on other foods (put that bird on the bottom rack)...

    Don't forget the "40*-140* in 4 hours" rule to prevent breeding bacteria in your food.

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    Thanks Stan, FW and Red!!!
    This is a very important thread this weekend (and always) with so much outdoor cooking that will be going on!
    Everyone help keep this thread bumped up this weekend so everyone keeps a constant thought of safety as we honor our military on this Memorial Day!!!
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    Thanks for posting this!  Food Safety....and "people" safety are sooo important.  I know I get a bot OCD with the food safety but don't wanna make anyone sick.

    Take care....have fun....and Thank a Soldier!

    Kat [​IMG]
  6. seenred

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    [​IMG]   I'll second that! 

    God Bless our Veterans, Active Duty Members, and Their Families!!!  [​IMG]

  7. s2k9k

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    Giving it a bump for the evening crowd!

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