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  1. My first batch of beef jerky on my new MES 30. Small batch to start with. Also was the very first time using my new AMNPS. Had to take it out and re light it once. Quickly figured out that you need to pull the chip holder out part way and keep the top vent wide open. Maintained 135*-145* for about 3 1/2 hours and its perfect. I'm by no means an expert at smoking meat and making jerky but this is the best batch of jerky i have ever made. I'm used to a old propane uninsulated smoker that I had to constantly babysit, add chips and relight on windy days. 

    The MES 30 and the AMNPS have a bit of a learning curve but both are awesome products. On to baby back ribs tomorrow.

    My kids are coming home for Easter so bye bye jerky.

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    Great looking jerky!

    I too used to do mine on a gasser and many times destroyed my jerky if I stopped paying attention for any period of time. Electrics work great for this process.


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