Bacon Ice Cream !!

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  1. scarbelly

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    Just saw this on MSN - sounds like fun but Bac-O-Bits?

    Bacon On the Boardwalk

    The Ice Cream Store; Rehoboth, DE

    Beachgoers in Rehoboth, Delaware, flock to this boardwalk ice cream shop for extraordinary flavors like Better Than Sex (cake batter, African vanilla, and swirls of fudge). But above all, the crowds can't get enough of the outrageous Bacon ice cream. This treat uses Bac-O-Bits — turns out the bits makes the bacon flavor even more intense. For the real pork, hit up the shop when the Chocolate-Covered Bacon ice cream is on the menu. The crunchy, chocolate-dipped bacon strips taste like candy bursting out of custardy vanilla ice cream.
  2. bmudd14474

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    Bacon makes everything better
  3. meateater

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    I can just picture a ice cream truck carrying that, Gary did you try the garlic ice cream while in Gilroy? That stuff is ggggoooooooooooooood. 
  4. alaskanbear

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    wow, my grandparents lived about 3 miles from con agra foods, i think thats what they call it now, but got loads of garlic from them in my younger years. Gilroy has changed so much. Dad and most of his relatives are burried there..  oh well, thanks for a walk down memory lane some 50+ years later..

  5. meateater

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    It's been about 11 years since I was last there. Garlic Ice Scream.......[​IMG]  Sorry Gary. [​IMG]
  6. desertlites

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    bacon toothpaste,bacon bar soap where will it stop?? i have a hard time keeping up with my bacon flavored sunflower seeds,by them out at the truckstops i find them at.
  7. sierra

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