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    Hello All,

    I noticed a bunch of people posted things they smoked for father's day etc. So while my Dad was out of town that weekend I wanted to do the same for him. So last weekend i smoked him some baby back ribs (his favorite). I had pretty much my smoked rib recipes down but i wanted to do something different because i thought my ribs were a little one note (really sweet). My wife found a new rub recipe in a magazine and i thought I would try it.

    Sugar (recipe called for brown i use Turbinado)

    Kosher salt

    Black Pepper 


    Garlic Powder





    (For exact recipe PM me)

    after adding some mustard and then adding the rub 

    I let sit in the fridge for 4-5 hours then I added to the smoker with some hickory and cherry smoke....


    I let them smoke on the WSM 22.5 for 2:20 @ 275 Degrees then i foil the ribs with some squeeze butter, maple powder, agave amber nectar, and a splash of apple cider vinegar in triple wrapped foil. I let them cook like this on the smoker for about 1:50 and come out very tender


    I was concerned that i over cooked them because when i transferred them out of the foil onto a pan for saucing i accidentally tore one in half with my tongs. Although when we ate them the next day they pulled cleanly from the bone without falling apart so i think i hit it dead on.

    I put them on a pan and took my vertical silicone mop and put sauce all over them (sweet baby rays original) in a thin layer and put them in the oven for 25 minutes at 275 degrees. i would have gone another 20 setting up the sauce but i figure the sauce also sets overnight and then again on the reheat. if you are going to eat them right away i recommend another 15-20 minutes in the final step.

    So that is how they looked when they were done. I did modified 2-2-1 baby backs. trying a new rub and some different foiling method. My Dad said those were the best ribs i ever made for him. They did seem to have a good depth of flavor but plenty of sweet. They were enjoyed by everyone who had some. 

    thanks for looking and Happy Smoking!

  2. looks tasty. interesting combo of ingredients as well... [​IMG]  
  3. From rub to plate, looking great.


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