baby back ribs

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ravenclan, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. tried out my new Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30'' Electric Smoker this weekend , baby back ribs on the smoker Sunday .

    a lot different then my old Cajun Injector smoker , need to do some MODS on this unit just to fine tune it and add a seal around the door

    Wife said they taste great and as long as she is happy !

  2. mike5051

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    They look god to me!

  3. daricksta

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    What mods do you have planned? What's the problem with the door seal? Those ribs look great so I don't understand why you want to make changes to your MES.
  4. the door leaks smoke around where it closes , "no seal" , i want to add a seal to keep the smoke and heat in and only let it go out the back hole like it should also want to add two to three more temp dials at different levels and after testing the one that came with the unit , i will replace it  ,"reads 50 degrees off" i also want to replace the bottom tray holder with a rack to hold the chips and if needed a bigger "water" pan for the sand"heat sink" , i dont use water .

    these MODS will use less wood and less heat loss while cooking also if i do have to add wood with the bigger pan the heat will recover faster.

    also a note............ the manufacturer hand book says not to use wood chunks ........... i do and have no problems with the chunks not producing smoke and the chunks last loger then chips and do not burn as quick.

    Happy Smoking !
  5. 4pogo7

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    Nice job on the first smoke in the new smoker!! Looks good from here [​IMG]
  6. daricksta

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    If this is a new smoker still under warranty you should call MB customer service. I've had my MES 30 Gen 1 for over 3 years and it doesn't leak smoke from the door seals--even with carbon buildup on the front of the smoker where the door seals close on the smoker body. I've read other posts by guys who's new smokers leaked smoke so this can be a problem with new MES units.

    I wonder if the owners manual says not to use wood chunks because they give off more flame and heat smoke than wood chips? I think there's a possibility that long term use of wood chunks could damage the heating element but I'm no expert on this. But here's a warning from a Brinkmann electric smoker owner's manual: NOTE: Do not place the flavoring wood directly on the electric element. This could cause flame flare-up and failure of the electric element.

    So, I was right about the flame thing. I advise buying an AMNPS from Todd Johnson and sticking to wood pellets. Despite what some critics say here that pellet tray produces steady, adequate smoke over 11 hours or so. There's an issue using it in some of the original MES Gen 2 models, though.
  7. this is a new smoker i just want to fine tune this smoker . as far as the wood chunks , i have never had the wood chunks flame up and the holder never touches the element . with the "extra heat" which is not a lot that means the smoker will cycle off so less electric used  . my first electric smoker lasted ten plus years and i did some MODS to it . the MODS are to improve the smoker so i use less wood and less energy . i do have the AMNPS and like it but i like the smoke the chunks make  but i also have a propane and stick burner and have lots of wood chunks that is free and i have gotten use to using the chunks.

    part of smoking is having fun and trying different things. some work some don't but you will never know till you try and some of the MODS i found on this site. some  i have done on my own , and like i said some worked out great , some didnt . 

    Happy smoking !
  8. driedstick

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    Great looking meal there,,, 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

  9. daricksta

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    To me smoking is all about having fun and trying new things. I try to learn something new with each smoke whether it's a technique or a different dry rub or a wood pellet flavor or mix I haven't used yet. As for using wood chunks in a MES, I'm no expert on it either way. You will be in a matter of time. I only use the AMNPS. For cold smokes I'm going to try using Dust from Todd. I've done no mods to my smoker because it works fine the way it is. The biggest problems I've had with it were of my own making.

    I hope to see further posts from you with Q View. I'd really like to see what the wood chunks look like in the wood chip holder.
  10. my next smoke i will take a pic and post it . i've been smoking with the chucks of wood for about six years now . it just seemed to me , the chips smoked just fine but i had to replace them and we all know if you are opening the door you are not smoking , the chunks last a lot longer so i don't have to open the door as much . and i use less wood .
  11. daricksta

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    With the AMNPS and wood pellets, the only time I open the door is to foil or unfoil meat, turn it over if required, or to take it out of the smoker at the end. I've put a full tray of pellets in the smoker, cooked for 11 hours, and still had some pellets left over. That's why I prefer wood pellets in a MES to any other wood type.
  12. here ya go daRicksta , i smoked this weekend and took some pics of the wood in the tray . this will last for 12 - 14 hours depending on how hot i run it

  13. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    RavenClan, what kind of wood is this? And where's the pork? I saw your last photos and would've loved to have seen how that last batch of b-backs turned out. Also would love to see a photo of those wood chunks in action inside your MES. How do you light the wood chunks and then keep them smoldering instead of flame burning? Do you poke holes in the foil covering the loaf pan?
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  14. the wood is hickory and no need to light them the pan is right above the element but does not touch the element . the foil on top is covering the lid , i do that so i dont have to clean up . this smoke i did turkey legs and did a brisket but the time i thought about the pic it was too dark to get a shot.

    legs in the smoker , just getting started , all most to much smoke

    turkey legs done after four hours in the smoker

  15. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I've never used wood chunks so I'm surprised that they can be ignited just be placing them near the heating element. But I guess the wood surface is no different from wood chips. But how do you light them for cold smoking?

    Those turkey legs, I tell you, they look really delicious. I smoked a turkey breast in my MES 30 using hickory wood pellets. Forget what dry rub I used but it turned out to be among the best turkey anything I've ever cooked. The breast weighed in about 8-9 lbs., I think.

    I usually don't take the time for taking pics if there were problems with the smoke I had to deal with or if the meat got done too late. But if all went smoothly and it turned out spectacularly well I take a photo after I bring the Q back to the kitchen to let it rest before carving or slicing.
  16. Rick Raven's elite puts out a lot more direct heat than your MES 30- 20070910 smoker does it is analog and has a 1500 watt burner and a top temp of 400 degrees.Mine would not ignite chunks a lot smaller than those of Raven's. My chunks were small slabs perhaps 1/2 to 3/4 thick. It would be nice if it did but mine would not.   Jted
  17. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Jted, just goes to show I need to look at photos more closely and also read previous posts. I thought that Raven had a MES digital even though that inside photo shows that he doesn't. Now it makes sense.

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