baby back ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by greenhouse, Jan 17, 2014.

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    can anybody tell me why jeff suggest

    cutting the slab of meat off the length of a baby back rid
  2. polishmeat

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    Just for trimming sake I would imagine. I sometimes cut this flap of meat off as well. It just cooks quicker and will dry out faster than the rest of the slab.

    I think this is what you're asking
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    Jeff suggests to cut the "slab" of meat off the ribs so that the ribs  would be an attractive presentation when finished...Also, the removed excess meat can be added to other recipes ie baked beans, chili, etc. to enhance the flavor with a great smokey taste.

    Besides they are a great snack as the ribs finish.

    Good Luck,  John
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  4. ^^^ This. I always cut this and the meat flab on the back side of ribs, I call it the "knuckle", off and throw on the smoker. I like to think of it as taste testing, since that meat is done well before the ribs are you can eat it. It will give you a good indication of what the ribs will ultimately taste like when they are done. It also doesn't hurt that your ribs now look clean cut. 
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    I'm not sure what the question was but it looks like these guys have got you covered

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