Baby Back Ribs. Second Attempt

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  1. Well, after my first attempt, I decided to smoke some more ribs. My cook time was 5 hours, spraying every hour and a half or so. I wasn't paying that much attention unfortunately, because I had guests over and Rock Band was calling. The ribs came out very juicy this time, falling off the bone again, but no dryness at all in the meat.

    The thing I am not getting is much flavor on the ribs other than the smokiness. I'd like to taste some of the rub. The rubs makes my hands smell for the entire day after rubbing it into the meat. How do I get the meat to taste like the rub?

    Also, the ribs are soft. Is there a way to get a crispness on the outer edge of the meat? I'm using an Old Smokey electric smoker, so moisture stays locked in pretty well. Anything you guys can recommend?

    Since it's pics or it didn't happen:
  2. capt dan

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    Thanks for the pics of proof![​IMG]

    Are you rubbing them the night before and resting in the fridge?

    Maybe too long in the foil during the middle of the smoke, if your using foil, if your not using foil, I would increase the temp by 10 degrees and spray less for a chewier/drier rib, especially in the last hr.

    Are the ribs inhanced or pre-injected commercially?
  3. pineywoods

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    The Captain is correct need a little more info on method used tho to confirm it
  4. flash

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    Most of the time the last stage would be the problem. The longer out of the foil, the firmer they become. Practice, practice, practice. [​IMG]
  5. I never used a true 3-2-1 process as you see my time is shorter there and I didn't use foil. I think eliminating the last spray might help out quite a bit with the firmness. As far as flavor goes, I did rub the night before, so it had a good 24 hours before I started smoking. Just add more of this particular rub? I just find it strange that it makes my hands smell for so long but has little effect on the meat.
  6. tasunkawitko

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    i could be wrong, but you might try basting the ribs with mustard first. when i did my first ribs:

    i used that mathod, and it seemed tha the mustard did two thing: first, it helped the rub adhere to the meat; second, it seemd to help the process of infusing the ribs with the rub flavor. if you didn't do the mustard thing, you might give it a try.

    also, you might try a) using more rub and b) adding some right before you start your smoke.

    thse are simply a few thoughts from a very new newbie, so take them for what they are worth!
  7. tasunkawitko

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    whoops - forgot to mention -

    if you're worried about any "mustardy" flavor using the method above, don't worry. from what i have tasted, the flavors of the rub as well as the smoking/cooking process leave no mustardy taste behind. also, it just occurred to me that the mustard might help a bit with getting a little crispiness that you're looking for.
  8. cajunsmoker

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    If I remember the Old Smoky electric smoker correctly, your problem is with the smoker. Seems like I remember another member having the same problem because the moisture doesn't escape the smoker and causes the rubs to drip off the meat.
  9. Yeah moisture doesn't escape. That's also my problem with getting a crispy outside. I may try to toss some rub on and cook on low heat on the BBQ at the end.
  10. bigbear

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    I always take my ribs out of the smoker and finish them on the grill at 350 degrees for about 1/2 hr. after coming out of the foil. If eaters want gooey ribs I'll put on the bbq glaze during this step or just let them crisp up a little. I've never had anything but great reviews from this technique.

    Happy smokin'

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