Avoiding bland brisket taste

Discussion in 'Beef' started by waytoodeep03, Aug 23, 2013.

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    I just went to a BBQ place in Houston and while the ribs had great flavor the brisket was bland all the way through. Im guessing the guy in the kitchen gave me slices of the flat. They were bland bland bland. I could also tell he trimmed off all of the fat because there was none at all on this brisket. So the brisket was dry as well. A good piece of meat one should be able to eat with no sauce. 

    These brisket cuts needed alot more than just sauce. How could this cook at this restaraunt avoided the bland taste of his brisket?
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    East Texas places usually remove the fat. I have no idea why they started doing this but I have had places ask me why I would want the fatty slices?
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    If the guy can't serve good brisket in Texas...... well, best of luck.
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    [​IMG]   What he said!

  5. And you Texans make fun of us out in California !! Even here the brisket can be had fatty or lean !!!
  6. he could've added salt and pepper to start...lol. Or logged into SMF..or watched a YouTube video....but then again Houston has never been a place I go for Q...

    yeh but who's asking for brisket in the land of tri tip!?

    Yeh I've noticed that also, Lotta brisket cooks I know down that way say it's better without fat...i don't eat their brisket either. lol.
  7. yeh but who's asking for brisket in the land of tri tip!?
    Originally Posted by michief

    I'm Nor Cal and I grill my share of tri tips , we are big fans of brisket too ... Just don't have packers at every grocery store like they do in Texas ., we have to work a bit to get packers especially at a affordable price..for us in the $ 2.30lb range for choice or select... But we sure have tri tip every where avail at twice the price thou !!!
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