Average smoking times and woods used

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  1. I want to put a list together of the most common smoking times for various foods, along with the flavors of wood used.

    For all us newbies out there just getting into smoking this would be a great starting point to look at.

    It takes some time to read and search the postings for the common times/amounts. If someone has already started a list can you point me to it, otherwise lets start one.

    Just a simple food type, smoking time (for cold smoking), wood used, and temps (if hot smoking). I will make and update a list from all the entries gathered.



    Pork Butt, Apple, ~1.5hr per pound, Internal reaches 190F 190 is for sliced. 200-205 is for pulled
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  2. you will have to include temp for the time to mean anything. Also you need to cook by IT not time.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thank you for those links, great info. I cant believe I did not come across that before.

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