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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by cobble, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. cobble

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    I'm planning on buying a MES 40 in the next couple weeks. I've done some searching here, and I cant seem to find a "I'm new and I have a standard set of questions" thread. I've read enough here to know that the MES should be paired with the AMNS. I want to order the AMNS soonish, so that I have it when I buy the MES, the problem is that I dont know which one to order. The AMNS comes in two sizes, and produce smoke for 8-10 hours (?). I may be mistaken, but isn't it standard operating procedure to only smoke for half of the cook time? (I figure 12 hours would be one of the longer smokes if I was smoking a pork butt; 6 hours being smoke time) I'll just get to the point and list my questions so they're easier to respond to.

    1. Which AMNS is best to get, and why?

    2. What are the steps involved in seasoning a new MES prior to use?

    3. Is there a standard smoke time? (i.e. Half of the overall cook time, ect)

    4. In relation to sauces - I know that there's a dipping sauce that you guys swear by, but is there also a BBQ sauce that is the favorite of the forum?
  2. eman

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    I dont have the amns but get the bigger one. You don't have to fill it up . But you can for a longer smoke.

     To season the MES , I sprayed the inside and racks w/ pam and ran it up to 275° and let it cook for an hour then ran a couple of hand fulls of chips thru it

    to make sure it smokes ok.

     also, before you smoke any meat ,make sure and line the drip pan and the water pan w/ foil. (makes for easy clean up.)

     There is no real smoke time if i dont have it in foil i am smoking it.
  3. smokinal

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    What eman said & try Jeff's sauce.

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