Are the problems with the MES 40 a real concern???

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by fire in the hole, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. I have a sausagemaker smoker that I can't seen to control the temps. So, I have been following this MES 40 and there are a lot of you folks that like it. But yet I read about temp problems on this one too. I want a dependable what do I do....what do I do???

    Is there a thermostaticly contoled propane smoker????
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    I've never heard of one but we were kicking that idea around at work the other day trying to figure out how to do it.
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    I had the same concern before "purchasing" my MES 30. The problems were with the older models. I bought my MES from Amazon 6 months ago and there was a problem, the unit would not turn on. Amazon overnighted a new unit to me and I returned the damaged one. Masterbuilt  sent me a new electronic control unit.

    Ive had my unit for 6 months and have not had a problem with it since. The customer service at Masterbuilt is excellent. I now wish that I went with the 40 inch instead of the 30 inch.

    Right now, I have a rack of ribs, smoking in the MES.

    I hope this helps.

  4. This can be connected to a thermostat......


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    What sort of heating problems are you having with the SausageMaker smoker ????  Just curious....  Dave
  6. I owned the earlier MES 40 for around 4 years. I used it very heavily. Finally, after a cross country move, it gave up the ghost. I loved that smoker and it did EXACTLY what I expected it to do, every time. I replaced with the new version. The new model had an initial problem, it would not make smoke!! Not until I turned up the heat to 230 degrees. A call to Masterbuilt got me a free smoker box refit kit. Problem solved. This is a tough dependable little unit. I can smoke around 50 lbs of brisket at a time.  I am looking for a larger smoker now. I am wanting to handle crowds of 100 - 150 people for church and bike club events.  One thing my MES does that some of my buddy's propane units don't do. Mine can cook a lot cooler than theirs. They have problems getting below 250.  Not sure if the problem is in the smoker, or the operator tho.

    Good luck!
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    I have an older MES and it has been a pure joy to use. Although I have had the problems that was customary for those units it was easily repaired if you are handy at all. The information was found on here, thanks to those that posted it. I can recommend the MES and a friend of mine has the Smokin Tex which is a quality unit. He has not had any problems with his unit.
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    I have a MES40 from Sam's Club and have had no problems at all. I pulled the back panel off to check the wiring connections before I even plugged it in due to some of the concerns that I read about. I didn't find any loose wiring so it was good to go. I also use a Maverick ET-732 but there is only a 3-5 degree temperature difference. I'm real happy with it. Hope I was a help.
  9. Dave......#1, my sausage smoker came in with a twisted door that will not close completely shut, but live with it. And then the temp control drives me nuts. I turn it on to bring it up to temp, and maybe I need a liitle higher temp., so I turn the knob up a bit........and I loose temp. Then it can also go the other way. If I'm to high, I turn it down.....and increase in temp. I use to use a 6' extension cord.....but if I used it now, I could just plug into my new outlet with their short cord.

    Plus, I had called them and got no satisfaction. If I remember correctly, they tried to sell me a new control. That did not set well with me because it was only a couple of months old at the time.

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    Gary, morning....  that is BS...  someone should have done something....   Did you by the smoker direct from SausageMaker ?????   I had a similar problem.... I got my dehydrator as a gift... it was purchased thru amazon and another retailer....  like buying a car out of town.... take it back to where you bought it from is what I have heard... 

    I'm getting off track....   Straighten the door.....  pull out the controller and see what is wrong.... fix it or deep six it.... get a PID controller and bypass the controller....  You will have a great unit when you are done..... 

    You have a nice ss cabinet and racks.... what a great place to start modifying to make a new and improved smoker.... there are plans here somewhere for building you own PID unit.... someone here has developed a program and controller he operates from his cell phone or computer.....  

    Take pics so we can follow your progress on the new remodel.....  need help, we are here...   Dave
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    I have owned my MES 1200 watt smoker for a couple of years and have used it a lot. The only problem that I have had is the wiring connections on the burner failed. It is such a common problem that MES put an access door in the back. It is easy to fix and there are several posts on this site to make the repair. Buy a A-Maze-N smoker from Todd to go with it and you will have a good smoker for the price.
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    I have the MES 30 and love it!!  Masterbuilt does have excellent customer service if you run into any problems as well!!
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    I have one of the original MES 40's w/ the 800 watt element. Had it over a year and had to do the wiring fix.

    No more problems for the next 2 years.  recovery time is a lil slow .that is why MES went to the 1200 watt element.

     When this one finally bites the dust i will buy another MES 40.
  14. Dave......yes, I ordered direct from sausagemaker. If I had purchased it from a vendor close by.......I would have returned it in person..........but new york is a damned long ways from me. Yes, I thought their customer service was lacking.

    I have a freind going to souix falls so.dak. in a little over a week..........and he can pick up a mes40 there. I may just bite the bullet and hope I'm getting a good unit. I don't want another problem smoker.......but the possitive feedback seems to outweigh the negative. Wish me luck!!!

    Oh ya.....dave.......I may look at the PID, but after I get another smoker.....and there may be some progress photo's.

    Question: do they have a choice of wattages. I think I've seen here where guys have 600....800...1200 watt mes40's.........or are they all 1200's now????

    Thanks for all the help.



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