Anyone use and have issues with Smoker Pellets from Bass Pro Shop?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by brycraft, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. brycraft

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    I has a MES 30" electric smoker that from day 1 I have been using the mailbox setup and AMNPS tray.

    I had run out of the pellets from AMNPS and seen Bass Pro Shops by my home had a few flavors, Hickory, Cherry, Apple.. The bags were about $6 for a 5lb bag. Thought its convenient, I am in a bind and its $6 and have them on hand just in case. But I have a hell of a time keeping them lit. I fill the tray and use my torch to light it and let it sit a good 15-20 min. Initially it does flame up and stays lit while I am waiting for a good burn before I put out the flame, but once I put it in the mailbox at some point it just goes out. I even went so far as to drizzle some olive oil lightly across the pellets thinking it would assist in them burning.. Not so..

    I picked up the competition blend from Menards and never have a problem using them, but the Bass Pro Shop pellets just don't like staying lit.. I have had to light them over and over for ribs.. I leave the vent on the smoker fully open. I don't have any of the mailbox holes covered and even opened the door slightly thinking maybe they need more oxygen, still they just don't stay lit..

    AMNPS pellets NEVER a problem, I get about 3-4 hours of burning per row, same with Menards pellets competition blend.

    Has anyone tried using BassPro Shop pellets with success?
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  2. bearcarver

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    Never tried Bass Pro pellets, but they might have gotten damp------Did you try drying them?

    That's pretty normal with Cherry pellets, but Hickory, and Apple shouldn't be a problem.

  3. I pre heat (dry) mine during the smoker warm up period 30 Minn at  250 in the tray. My friend swears by the microwave 45 seconds at high,  either way you ensure a dry pellet that is ready. I live in a humid region, the  south east. The pellets will go back to dust if left out side.  Jted
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  4. brycraft

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    I used them straight out of the bag and, so I don't believe they are wet. I keep the bags tie wrapped and stored inside a cabinet in my garage. These failed me straight from the bag.
  5. brycraft

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    I will try that next time, either preheating or microwave. Humid in Illinois except in These failed first time from a  fresh opened bag, who knows, all 3 flavors were difficult staying lit... Will try that though, have nothing to lose... Seems the drier they are the more efficient they will burn like firewood...

  6. Just my opinion is that the Hickory are the easiest to keep lit, and the most forgiving. The Maple are ok but the Cherry are very hard to keep lit by them selves. mix the Cherry with another and they smoke well. I usually cut them 75 Hickory-25 Cherry. Jted

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