Any body use this product?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by danbono, Feb 5, 2013.

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  2. danbono

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    Hi All WOW 30 views and NObody has any info. on this product.I guess I'll just have to give it a try and see for myself.

    Thanks Anyway Dan
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    Sorry missed this post

    Yes i have used it, some sausage it worked good and other it didnt, i didnt like the taste it gave to some pepperoni.
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    I haven't used any, but the food industry has been using it for years. Most Ice cream will have some in it, as does probably most processed meats (sausage, etc). It is also added to processed bakery goods. I know that some is oat based, and some like this brand is a formulation of all kinds of stuff:

    I'd really want to know what the formulation was before I substituted it for good ol home grown fat!
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    Hi This is what I'm going to try to get my sausage juicer.:

    Will post back with the results. Now  the package has on it 12 oz for 25 lbs. of meat, so then.

    OZ Lbs





     I'm making 3 lbs each of bratwurst n Mild Italian Sausage, so I figured I need 1.5 oz. for each batch.

    Thanks Dan

    PS Is there better way to figure this out. So many premixes come for 25lbs of meat.
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  9. -
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    I have never used anything to make my sausage juicier other than proper lean to fat ratio and proper amount of water or beer. As for nonfat dried milk, i use it all the time as a binder. I use one cup of the dried powderd milk per 5 pounds of meat.  I use it in fresh and smoked sausage. Dan, my guess as to why your sausage is not juicy may be that your meat mix is too lean. Brats in my opinion need at least 30 percent fat content to lean. Reinhard
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    Hi All

    Sounds easy enough. I was close to  that final answer.1.5. I will use the math method in the future.

    This is how I would figure it out
    12/25= 0.48 (0.48 is for 1lb)


    Is there a better way?

    Thanks Dan
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  12. You can buy pork fat at the butcher shop for cheap. I haven't used the fat replacer but I do buy a lot of sausage making stuff from the Sausage Maker....RTB[​IMG]
  13. Wow that is a fatty sausage.I never make mine that fatty and they seem to come out juicy do you cook them to an IT or till you have the color and texture you want on the outside?

    What do you estimate the fat content is of a average pork butt? I have always heard its around 80-20 when cut off the bone?
  14. reinhard

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    25 to 30 percent fat is not unusual for fresh brats. I think it's pretty common realy. When i make smoked brats i use straight pork butts with venison or just pork butts by themselves. The dried milk helps as a binder also.  This is the ratio we used when i was still working also. Breakfast sausage i use the same ratio. Fresh italian for example i tend to lean it up more for i use it in hot dishes and sauce more than i do on the grill.  i think depending on the fat cap on the butt it can go from 30 percent fat to even more in some cases [ although they come packaged pretty lean these days with a smaller fat cap but still inthe 30 percent fat catagory in my opinion]. I adjust my fat content to what i'm making basicly.  I also mix beef in with some of the sausage I make like Kielbasa fresh or smoked.  It all comes down to personal prefference in the end. I've seen it all in 40 plus years of sausage making. There are very few store bought sausages i will buy even on an emergency basis.  That's why i make my own for my use and family and friends. I give most of mine away and I make it all year long.  Reinhard.
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  15. I usually try for 85-87.5% for all of our sausages, the breakfast patties when cooked in a pan have just a small amount of grease in the pan when done, whereas store bought is drownding in grease. We don't have issues with the brats being dry as long as they are not cook at too high of heat causing the fat to cook out of it.
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    Hi All Well the Bratwurst and Italain sausage have been stuffed and tasted. They both were right on the money, with taste and texture. Looks like the Soy worked or I got better at making sausage. Both were plump and juicy.

    Thanks Dan
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    Hi All I tried using the Soy blend in 1 lb of hamburger meat, didn't work as well. I started grinding my own hamburger meat, using 50% of chuck and brisket, came out kinda dry. That is why I tried the Soy blend. I mixed the Soy in just before grillling the burgers, maybe I should have mixed and let it sit for awhile.Worked great for my sausages.

    Any one have a better mix for grinding hamburger meat?

    Thanks Dan
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    Sorry I don`t use stuff like that...

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