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  1. After some research and reading here on the forum I decided to take the plunge and buy an electric smoker.  Picked up the MB 30 Smokehouse at Gander Mountain for $201.xx out the door with the additional 1 year warranty.  Came home, built a temporary platform and it is currently going through the "preseason" process as I type.  Needless to say I am pretty excited but a bit nervous at the same time as this will be my first experience smoking meat.  

    I plan to smoke a couple butts tomorrow AM.  If anyone has any advice and or suggestions for me I am all ears.  Any help or advice is appreciated.  

    And for those like me who like pics.....

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    Right off you will be wanting to get an AMNPS Pellet Smoke Generator...  This weekend will be nice so you may not mind feeding the MES wood chips every thirty minutes for 10+ hours. But in January, with cold rain or snow blowing, it sure is nice to fire up the AMNPS and watch the Game knowing it will put out ten hours of Thin Blue Smoke and you never have to leave you seat. 

    Here is some reading to get you started although as a MES owner I can tell you at a Smoker temp of 225-250°F plan on a min of 2 hours per pound with an additional 2 hours to CYA/Rest the Pork. I suggest not putting more than a small handful of chips in the MES. I followed the manufacturers suggestion and my unit blew the chip loader 3 feet into the lawn and was belching flames for the first 15 minutes. Good luck...JJ

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