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  1. bmaddox

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    This is my preferred setup because the torch and fuel are cheap and you can get fuel bottles at the grocery store (not to mention these torches put out a really good flame that will get the pellets going in under a minute).


  2. wade

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    I use my Mapp Gas torch and it works very well

  3. mummel

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    Yeah I have a bunch of those Coleman propane bottles somewhere,  we go camping quite a bit.  This would be awesome.  What torch do you have or what brand is good (Im just checking Amazon).
  4. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    Whats the name of this torch on Amazon?
  5. bmaddox

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    I couldn't tell you. That was just a google image. You can get that torch in the plumbing section of Lowes or HD for less than $10 (it is a pretty generic item). If you want a torch with an ignition then sells a good one for $15.
  6. rabbithutch

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    One of the things that Todd Johnson told me when I had a problem with my AMNPS staying lit - in addition to the issue of moisture and drying - was to give the pellets where you start a spray of isopropyl alcohol. This leaves no residue and adds no flavor, but it does allow the pellets to burn hotter and faster thus raising the temp of the adjacent pellets.

    I store my pellets in plastic jars that protein powder came in. Thy have good threaded lids to keep the protein powder dry. I wash them well and dry them well, and I place a couple of packets of silica gel dessicant into each one. I salvage them from whatever product I've bought that contains them, especially prescription drugs. If the packets stop working that means they have absorbed moisture. I nuke them for about 15 seconds (or a little longer if I reduce the power level of the MW). This has worked for me. Even so, I sometimes find the smoker pellets have absorbed moisture. When that happens, they go on a paper plate for a minute or so if I want to fill the entire AMNPS, less time if fewer pellets are used. Adjusting the power level of the MW gives you better control, IME.

    I use a propane torch to light them. The little propane disposable lighters do not work as well in my experience as a regular torch as shown by bmaddox. The chef's torch also works well. In using a torch, be sure you get the pellets smoking before you quit. Alcohol will cause flame, sometimes. You can just blow it out, but first make certain that the pellets are hot enough to burn and transmit heat to their neighbors.

    Lets us know how you make out.
  7. coffee_junkie

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    I had trouble with mine, I switched to an AMNPS Tube and have never looked back, they work great, I get around 6 hours of smoke out of a full load of pellets, with my gas smoker running at 220.
  8. tropics

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    Bernz O Matic 
  9. mummel

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    What trouble did you have?
  10. mummel

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    Darn $50. 
  11. tropics

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    Lowes with tax $18.62 I don't know were you shop but you should change
  12. crazymoon

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    Joe ,One row filled to the top will give you 2-3 hours of smoke. Here is my lighting device ,no matches needed.
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  13. inkjunkie

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    I have used Rutland Fire Starting gel, it is what Todd sells...does turn the pellets you put it on into a gooey mess.
    Squirt some on and light it. For me the flame will normally go out after 8 minutes or so. Good to go. Keep in mind it is an alcohol fire, flames are not very visible
  14. litterbug

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    I use a torch, but this does work. Plenty of YouTube videos on it. You can get this one at Harbor Freight on the cheap.
  15. mummel

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    Do you have a link?

  16. Very confused ... Is there a reason a post I made earlier today on this thread has not yet appeared? I did receive some message about it needing to be reviewed because I was new...

  17. yeah the intiation sucks. keeps the web/forum spammers in check- I.E. images etc....keeps the bots and nutjobs from posting porn and garbage.

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    Late at night we get a bunch of garbage posts, We as members need to contribute to keep all the web bots in check from posting this that and everything else. I had to go through it. Nothing against you, just how it goes.
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  19. Might be a stupid question for SMF veterans, but how do I post pics from a 3rd party hosting site like Photobucket, etc?

    Thanks in advanace,

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    Use the direct link on PB then click on the little mountain button above the reply box and paste.

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