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    First impressions when you take the AMNPS out of the box is, it looks like a Lilliputian flatware organizer.

    As you remove it from the box you can feel it is a sturdy built item.

    High quality stainless and decent welds, the hefty weight gives you a feeling that this is going to last and has been money well spent.
    • After I got everything out and it passed the visual inspection, I started to read the INSTRUCTIONS, yes this is a first for me. At the bottom of this page is a PDF of the User Manual.

    • I then followed the instructions, (well not exactly), for cooking off any oily deposits that may be on the unit, I placed the AMNPS in my oven at 275° for twenty minutes. I then removed the unit from the oven with my welding gloves and placed it on a wooden cutting board.
    • After the AMNPS had cooled a bit, I got out my bag of Maple Pellets and carefully placed then in the AMNPS.

    • I then lit the torch using the stove top. (I suggest getting a Flint Spark Torch Igniter)
    • The torch is a pencil tip torch and can be a bear to light with a lighter or matches (well at least mine was) light as close as possible to the brass tip.

    I had just thrown some cheese on the GOSM along with some Buck Board Bacon, Cashews, Peanuts and some Fish, outside temperature was 50° and very damp. This is going to be a COLD smoke
    • The pellets were ignited using the supplied torch. (you will need a propane tank)

    • 30 - 45 seconds later, the torch is turned off (be careful of the tip, the tip of the torch it is hot)

    • I completely opened all the vents on the GOSM, then placed the AMNPS into the smoker in the wood pan on a piece of wood to insure adequate air circulation. I waited 10 minutes and then blew out the flame and blew softly but steadily onto the glowing pellets to insure a good burn and let it rip, the smoke was plentiful and steady.

    After 5 or 6 hours the smoke had stopped, I checked the AMNPS and it had gone out in the center of the run, I thought that it was odd going out on a straight run.

    Anyhow it was easily re ignited and burnt the rest of the way no problem.

    My second fill was with Hickory, same procedure as above, a few hours into the burn there was no smoke, so I opened up the door to check the AMNPS and it had ignited, it was burning as a flame, I thought that was odd as well.

    After the 2ND burn was over I tried a 3rd batch using Hickory to let it ride overnight, the next morning it was out at one of the turns (probably wasn't filled properly)?

    After the 3rd batch I just dumped a hole leg at the burning end and it caught and burnt the rest of the way back no problem.

    My observations
    • Make sure to pack it good around the bends, I have found from this cold smoke that shorter pellets ignite much easier around the bends.
    • As simple as it is there is a slight learning curve that everyone has to learn for their own specific application, the instructions can only give you so much info, then the rest is up to you.
    • You can easily get 11 hours of steady smoke.
    • Look into getting a "Flint Sparker/Striker" you can usually get them for under 5 bucks, Harbor Freight has them for $3.00
    • I am completely happy with my purchase and give this bad boy 5 stars.
    • Keep a small metal pail for the ashes for a safe, quick cleanup.
    Click here for the AMNPS website.

    Here is a video of the smoke being generated by the AMNPS

    • A few cold smoking pics using the AMNPS. Cheese, Fish, Nuts and Buckboard Bacon.


    edit, fixed video link
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    Great review Squib. You are going to love that smoker. 

    I did notice some chipotle nuts in there too [​IMG]  Those are my favorites 
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    You defiantly did a great job on that review Sqwib.
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    Yes I got the idea from a very wise man, lol
    I'm addicted now.
    I'll post them tomorrow
  5. Great tutorial and review of the AMNPS!!! This will be used on the SMF Facebook and Twitter!
  6. I bet if you put a "tent"of aluminum foil over the pellet smoker it will keep meat juices off

    the pellets and it will not go out on you. That is what I had to do anyway.
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  7. id2nv2nj2ca

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    Two questions. 1:  What's a GOSM?  I know it's a smoker, but what kind?  2:  What was in the bowl inside the smoker?
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    nice review sqwib.......todd makes great stuff!
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    Great job. everything looks tasty...JJ
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    Great review...I love mine and would hate to do with out it...I would be careful lighting it on a wooden surface...I always light mine on a metal surface..
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    Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain Smoker made by Landmann

    Salt was in the bowl, I originally had it in a strainer but the salt wasn't coarse enough to stay inside.

  12. sqwib

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    I guess I should show this being lit on top of the GOSM before folks melt or burn up their cutting boards lol
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    Great Review Sqwib!

    The Maple pellets are a little long, so break up the larger ones
  14. id2nv2nj2ca

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    Thanks for the reply.  I've never thought about smoking salt, but that sounds like a great idea.  Thanks again. :)

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