Aldis pork ribs

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  1. D.C. area, paid $2 a pound. Not much cleaning needed and pretty meaty. I was impressed and will buy again at that price even if I can get Smithfield (I thought were boney) for same price.

    I believe meats should be relatively cheap or it defeats the historical perspective of going thru all this but really Brisket shouldn't cost almost as much as NY STRIPS even though that is my favorite thing to smoke. ***  JUST SAY NO !!! ***
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  2. The only time I've ever smoked baby back ribs they were from Aldi and turned out pretty good. I bought some nice ribs this weekend from Findlay Market in Cincinnati and curious to see if they are better or not.
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    The Aldi ribs I made did turn out good. Tender and juicy but since they are enhanced with a salt and water solution they end up tasting a bit like ham. That's not a bad thing, but not my favorite either. Did you experience that too?
  4. I didn't notice a ham flavor with my ribs

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