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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bigfoote, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. Long story, but I'm smoking two 8 lb briskets for a friend, and I'm trying to  estimate how long it is going to take to reach an internal temp of 190 using a smoker temp of 260.  It's been a while since I smoked a brisket this small, and since I have to deliver it for a party, I want to make sure I have at least a couple of hours for them sit wrapped in the cooler, but not more than 6 hours, if I can help it.  I've searched, but haven;t found any help using this temp.  I'm thinking less than 8 hours, but I would appreciate any help from some of the more experienced smokers.  Thanks.
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    Closest weight that I have data for is 10.5 pounds and was 48 min./pound at 225F.  

    Sorry - not a lot of help.  

    Obviously at 260 it will get to temp much quicker...

    See below:

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    Even though I am a proponent of smoking hotter, in the 260-275 range, for a brisket that small, I think you should try to lower your temps to 225-230 ish. Even then I would expect it to be done in about 8 hours if have good airflow through your smoker.
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    It's always sketchy to try and accurately predict the cook time on a brisket...every one I ever cooked was different. At 260*, I'd guess each would take less than an hour per raw pound...but since it's better if its finishes earlier than later, I'd probably allow 8 hours just to CYA. That way, even if it finishes in 5-6 hours, it'll have a nice rest before time to serve.

    Good luck! Thumbs Up

  5. That was also a concern of mine.  I've just recently started smoking at higher temps, but I haven't done anything this small in a long time.  I'll be using a XL size BBG with a double decker grill, so my air flow should be good.  I just want to know if it will take longer than 10 hours, so I can start my cook earlier.  Thanks for the advise.

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