ADVICE: Need a new grill - Weber vs. Char-Griller

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by shlongstar, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. owlcreeksmoker4

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    For the choices you have i'd go with the weber, had alot of success with my old one
  2. steamaway

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    I have the Char-griller. I am surprised how long it has lasted, I don't even cover it, lol. Weber has to be even better built and It's cheaper too. I am sure you made the right choice. 
  3. alaskabgenut

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    I have a Char-Griller for grilling, I have a Weber kettle for grilling, I have a Weber Smokey Moutain bullet (it is very good, in most conditions for low and slow BBQ'ing and smoking),  I have a XL BGE for low to high heat BBQ or grilling, and it is excellent in ALL conditions.  I also have a Brinkman off-set grill for BBQ and grilling, but consistent heat is a problem so I don't use it unless I need to.  The Weber Smokey Mountain is affordable and it is an excellent choice for most BBQ and smoking.  I recommend the WSM.  If you really want to be good, then make an investment in a Big Green Egg.  Regardless of what you pick, having good control of your heat is the key. 
  4. woundedyak

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    Kettle for the win! I think it would be safe to say that 90% of the people on this site, cut their teeth on the kettle. Once you master the kettle, Everything else is secondary. I have bought many new smokers and cookers since my first love affair with the kettle. But for some reason, I always go back to her to remind me were I came from!
  5. pray4bigb

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    I just bought one how did you seal it up?
  6. magslam

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    Seems like a no brainer: Weber.
  7. I've got both...and sometimes use them both at the same time if I've got a lot to grill. I like the extra room the CG gives you and the cast iron grates. I've used a Weber for decades, but I think the CG is more versatile. Hard to go wrong with either one...
  8. As you can see, it's close to unanimous.  My next one is going to be a return to Weber as I'm on my fourth other "heavier" grill since I first replaced my Weber about 15 years ago.  The best of the replacements was a Kingsford branded oval kettle that was made of the same type of enameled metal as the weber and the cooking chamber outlasted the wood shelves & handle as well as the metal legs.  The other two were "heavier guage" metal, but had to be replaced because they rusted out and the charcoal trays burned through.  One thing I've noticed about Char-Griller and the like is the lack of available parts for most after the first year or two.  Even my trusty Bandera is an endangered species anymore, (so I keep it in the garage unless actually smoking)  That's never been a problem with Weber and I kept mine outside in the weather without issue for over 12 years!  What I do have to do with the next Weber is break down and shell out the extra money for the rotisserie ring.  Not because I want the rotisserie, but because it raises the kettle lid enough to take a whole turkey and I've been grilling our turkeys for over 10 years.
  9. cliffcarter

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    You should start a new thread and ask this question IMHO
    Except to those of us that own both[​IMG]
    the kettle is pretty versatile, too.
    One of the things I love about this site is that 16-18 months or maybe even a couple years can go by and lo and behold some one resurrects an old thread such as this one, which BTW has been resurrected twice [​IMG], not that I find that fact particularly disturbing. What I do find to be mildly disturbing is the OP's screen name, come on now, what was he thinking(or thinking with)?
  10. Weber is a great choice. Can't go wrong....[​IMG]
  11. comosmoker

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    Weber!!! Weber!!! Weber!!! I have the 22.5" and an offset firebox smoker. Everything can be done on the Weber. I bought my smoker this year and not because my Weber died. But when it does, I will get another one. Can't go wrong with it!!!
  12. imjesse1

    imjesse1 Meat Mopper

    I have a 22.5 weber from 1986!
  13. scootermagoo

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    I have both.  Speaking from experience, I would get the Weber.  You can't beat them for grilling.  They are so airtight, when done grilling, you can save the coals.  Not going to happen on the CG, way to many air leaks.  I use the CG for BBQ and only BBQ.  I was pulling double duty on the CG for a while, but I was tired of burning off the seasoning when I grilled with it.
  14. :)  I'm probably a little biased, but I only use Weber products. My kettle is a Weber, my gas grill is a Weber Genesis, and my smoker is a Weber Smokey Mountain.  You just can't go wrong with a Weber product.  
  15. bmoman

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  16. I'd forgotten that little detail, thanks for reminding me.  One tip for those who do this though... don't forget to shake/blow off the ashes and dump before reusing the saved coals.  If not, they won't burn as well.
  17. Weber.  I purchased my Weber Genesis Gold Gas Grill over 10 years ago. It finally developed a small hole in the bottom case.  They sent the part followed by two tech's who replaced it at no charge.  I'm a Weber "Customer For Life".

  18. I have had my Chargriller for a little over a year now.  I bought it thinking I could smoke/grill with the same equipment.  The main chamber needs quite a few mods to use effectively as a smoker that need to be reversed if you are going to use it as a grill.  It isn't the end of the world, but it is not convenient.  On the positive side you can use the SFB as a grill with no effort at all.  You will not have any temperature control other than the damper.  You can grill quite a bit on it, but you need to make sure your temp is good before you throw the food on.  The only other complaint I have is that you really need to use wood to smoke with.  Charcoal works well if the weather is perfect, but the amount of charcoal skyrockets if it is just a little windy.  Wood is pretty well free around here, so that is what I normally use. 

    In summary, I would recommend this unit, but if you want a grill, get the Weber.  If you want to smoke primarily get the Chargriller and use the SFB as your grill.   If you want a smoker that you can use in pretty much any weather condition go with electric or propane smokers.

    Happy Grilling Season Everyone!

  19. rmaduzia

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    Can't go wrong with a Weber. I've had every Weber they make from a Smokey Joe to a 22 1/2" with the rotisserie accessory. Fantastic. They didn't wear out, I gave them away.
  20. cliffcarter

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    As a CharGriller owner and user for the past five years I disagree with almost everything in your post. The CG can be used as a BBQ smoker effectively with no modifications at all if you are willing to learn how to use the heat zones to your advantage and are willing to tend the fire, which BTW you will have to do with any stick burning offset. All the modifications done to the CG in the name of regulating temperature in the cooking chamber are IMHO just attempts to get the CG to perform like a "set and forget" cooker, like the oven in your kitchen. Where's the fun in that[​IMG]?

    You are correct in stating that you should use wood to cook with in the CG, but if, like me, you get the wood for free why are you complaining?

    I have BBQed in the wind, snow, cold and heat on my deliberately unmodified CharGriller with success and will continue to do so. And if I want to grill steaks on it all I need do is start a fire in the main chamber and grill to my hearts content.

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