Adding electric smoking to Lang 48" Patio smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mschwartz26, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. mschwartz26

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    Moving a post over here from the the Wood Smoker section as I have questions on how to add an electric heating element to my Lang 48" Patio

    The main reason to do this is so I can smoke sausage in the 120-170 range.  I think building a fire with wood/charcoal would be too hard to keep these low temperatures.

    I will fire away:

    - I was thinking of using a 1500w Brinkmann element () for the heat.  My plan was to place this under the reverse flow plate on the smoker.  Do you think this would be enough to get the smoker up to 120-170?

    - I know a lot out there use a PID controller but I am really trying to keep the cost down.  I found this router speed controller () that I also think can do the job.  I know I can't input a specific temperature but I could at least dial it into the range I want.  These together are around $85 total...the range I wanted to spend.

    - Assuming both of the above would work ok together - can i simply put the heating element under the reverse flow plate and run the plug out the firebox to the router speed controller setting outside of the firebox?  Would there be an issue with the cord from the heating element being inside the smoker (prior to it leaving through a damper wheel on the firebox)?  I know the heat is going to rise but was concerned about melting the cord.

    - I plan on using my A-MAZE-N for smoke generation.  Would you put that under the reverse flow plate or set it on the bottom grate in the smoker?

    - Anything else that you would recommend?

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. As said in the other post. Try a hot plate. Or learn to build and control a small fire.

    Happy smoken.

  3. mschwartz26

    mschwartz26 Smoke Blower

    Yes, I understand the hot plate/heating element.  I was hoping others could help with some of my other questions.
  4. daricksta

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    The best person to ask about how one of the A-MAZE-N smoker would work in the Lang and the best placement for it would be Todd Johnson. You can PM him on SMFor send him an email through his website at He's helped me many times.

    Do you own the Pellet Smoker (AMNPS) or the A-MAZE-N Smoker (AMNS) which burns sawdust and can be used in many different smokers and grills? Either way, I don't think you can beat any A-MAZE-N product for cold smoking.

    I own a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker and use the AMNPS for both hot and cold smoking so that's all I can speak to.
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  5. mschwartz26

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    Thanks for the reply.  I have the one that holds saw dust.  I think I would put it on the bottom grate in the grill.  I plan on taking out the top sliding grate and MacGyvering something to hold/hang sausage.

    I think the question I am stuck on is if I should be nervous about melting the cord that goes to the heating element if I slide the heating element under the reverse flow plate in the smoker and then run the cord through the firebox out a damper wheel.  This would put a couple of feet of the cord under the reverse flow plate and in the firebox.  I would only be doing this to make sausage so I wouldn't go over 180ish.

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