A Sunday Smoke with Q-view

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by richman2000, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. richman2000

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    I started off Sunday with a Tri Tip, ABT's and Jamaican Jerk Sausage smoked in Apple Wood.  I've been focused on trying to learn how to use a smoker, that I haven't put the time into learning how to make the rubs, or how much to use on the meat.


    Here's my assistant making sure I didn't leave anything in the dish




    After about 5 hours


    The final product


    The Tri Tip was OK, not the full flavor I wanted.  I must not be using enough rub.  I'm almost out of Apple wood, but I live in an area surrounded by Almond and Apricot orchards, so I may have to make frinds with a few of the farmers.

    The ABT's disappeared as quick as the first few came out, and the Sausage tasted good, but I'll try something different next time.  I get my sausage from Wolfsens in Gustine, CA.  There web address is http://www.wolfsensausage.com/.

    Any tips you can give me on making my final product, would be appreciated. 
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    It looks good sorry your thread was hung up in moderation so long we are having some problems approving them
  3. beer-b-q

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    Looks pretty good to me...

    What was missing in the flavor that you wanted?

    Hickory will give more of a stronger smoke flavor than apple will.
  4. Looks good. Nice smoke ring!
  5. richman2000

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    What I'm trying for is more flavor in the meat.  I've been reading, and am going to marinate the next one, then give it a rub before smoking.  I will pick up some hickory chips at Lowes.  I also have to work on extending the smoke stack out from under my patio cover.  Inside the house it smelled like smoke for 3 days even though the doors and windows where closed while I was smoking.
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  6. bearcarver

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    Looks fine from here !

    Smoke in the house ! [​IMG]

    The women hate that !

    Personally I think it smells better than flowers or air fresheners!


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