A little backyard innovation to hold my Mavrick.

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    Bracket to hold my ET-73 off the grill.  Mounted it using the screw for the handle and used the vise and a claw hammer to get the twist, then put the rattle can to it. Pulled the bracket off the side to keep a little more heat from getting to the metal. It was straight up & got a little warm but not too bad towards the top. Figured better safe then melted. I also took the dremel tool to the ET-73. the range does suck but it works as long as its by the door. I Cut a hole in the battery door and bracket over the on/off switch & hung a paperclip on the back to work the switch.  Works great just not waterproof anymore but I live in western AZ so unless I drop it in the river I should be good.[​IMG]

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  2. Good idea!

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