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  1. So last year i purchased this smoker and did some basic mods like extending the stack to within 2" of the cooking grate, I used the cooking grates in the firebox to elevate my charcoal/wood chunks out of the ash, and I lined the belly with foil (to cover any mounting holes etc.) allowing excess foil at the top to 'crumple up' and serve as a gasket around the perimeter of the clam shell door. Also, i used the charcoal grate in the cooking chamber (it just sets in the bottom of the cooker) and covered it with lava rock to help balance my temperature. Then, i took some cheap tin serving pans from the dollar store and made a baffle over the firebox opening toward the stack. I drilled a series of increasing diameter holes as it continues across the lava rock

     So far, this setup has turned out a favorable product. I have smoked both baby backs and spares, along with several briskets, pork butts, and chicken thighs, all coming out pretty darn delicious! My temp is about 275 at the firebox end, and 225 at the stack end; sometimes better, sometimes worse, depending on wind and temperature.

    So, I decided to get involved a little more and see if I can make use of what I have before i plunge into fabbing my own smoker. I intend to relocate my smoke stack, install a 1/4"  adjustable reverse flow baffle plate, weld the firebox(FB) and cook chamber(CC) together and modify the opening from the FB to CC to match with the air inlet/smoke stack/baffle gap/distance from bottom of CC to baffle. Also, i plan on creating some sort of gasket to seal the CC door, i am thing about creating a 'ledge' and filling it with copper RTV. Then I will cover the RTV with wax paper and set the door into the silicone to create a proper mold. Once this is done, i will open the door and allow the RTV to cure for a few days. 

    So, with ALL of that said...please share any info, jokes, offerings, prayers, etc

    Thanks for reading!

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