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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sprky, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. sprky

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    Hi all I have two 25# Turkeys in my Master Forge propane smoker. smoker temp is running around 250. Turkeys have been in for 3 hours. Turkeys were brined for around 28 hours in a variation of slaughter house brine there was 1/2 cup Morton's Tender Quick in the brine. They were then injected with a variation of slaughter house injection, with 1/2 tsp of Morton's Tender Quick added. the temp of turkeys is at 116 and 106 in the breast. I have checked this temp with my instant read, and they are very close. My questions is 1. if I don't hit 140 in anorther hour will I be OK or do I need to pull and finish in the oven. 2. is this temp close to normal for 3 hours in a 250 smoker.
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    mmm.... sounds rather low for close to 3 hrs. I have a 21 lb. bird and have been running my WSM at 250-265. At 3 hrs. I was up to 155 in the thigh and 160 in the breast. It was brined for about 12 hrs. in slaughter house brine.

    I would guess that it may be running slow due to how full the smoker is. Either kick up the heat in your smoker or pull one of the turkeys and put it in the oven - the other can probably stay in the smoker.
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    I would bump the temp of your smoker up to 300-325.
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    Sprky,as stated,bump up the heat and when your IMT is above 14*f, then you can lower it again if you want;however the skin is crispier at higher temps.

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    OK I was 1 step ahead of ya all on  bumping temp. I maxed it, added some lit lump to the chip pan and temps climbed to 168. 1 turkey is now at 138 and other is at 125. I'm going to swap them out. If ya all feel I should pull and do the 125 in oven I will. The cure should help me with the 4 hour rule. If I'm totally off base let me know
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    Just be sure to preheat the oven.
  8. sprky

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    What I mean by swap them out is switch spots in the smoker, was in a hurry and didn't prof read. [​IMG]  DUUUUUU can you say brain fart I should have edited my post not post a new 1.[​IMG]

    OMG this gotta be the ultimate bonehead thing I have done yet, I feel so stupid. I didn't check the exhaust damper on the smoke stack when i fired the smoker and it was mostly closed, therefor not allowing flow of heat threw the smoker. I opened it up and with in a couple min temp rose to almost 160 without the lump. I am running on a total of  6 hours sleep for the last 48 hours so I'm not thinking clear.[​IMG]
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    You used cure, the 4 hour rule does not apply. You are fine.
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