6 Boston butts on a WSM 22"

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    Hello everyone!

    Thank you to all on smoking meat forums who advised me on how to do a large cook on my WSM 22". This was something I've wanted to do for a long time but I was apprehensive but I decided this was the weekend to do it. With our members advice, and you tube videos on Chris Lilly's method, I was able to pull it off. The thought overwhelmed me for reasons that so many people were coming and I really couldn't judge how much meat to buy so that all had enough, or the meat not cooking, or coming out way to dry, or worse, leaving the smoker on all night in the garage (door open of course). I told my husband to pray that the garage doesn't catch fire heaven forbid and have money ready just in case I had to order pizza lol. Thankfully everything went well, actually better than well, terrific! Here's how I did it:

    **the recipe I followed to a T was Chris Lilly's championship pork butt**

    Placed an order at our local wholesale club for 6 Boston butts weighing 7-8lbs each to be picked up on Thursday. (I'll admit there was panic in my voice when I made the call)

    Washed and trimmed all excess fat and used the injection.

    Rubbed with the spice rub

    Started the smoker about 8:30 via minion method with Apple wood. Water pan was filled. Apple is my go to when I'm unsure. Put 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom, all of them fit nicely. (Yes I had a pork picnic on standby in the fridge)
    Put 3 on the top rack, and 3 on the bottom at about 9:30

    I stayed up until midnight just checking the smoker thermometers which were steady at 225, I woke up about a hour later and they were still rock solid at 225. Finally woke up at 5:30 am and check and still was at 225 the meat was at like 160 at this time. I waited until about 830 opened the lid and touched it. It was still tough and the meat was at 185 I got nervous because I thought it wasn't going to be done on time. So I wrapped it in hd foil with Apple juice and took out the thermometer.

    At about 11:00 we placed all of them in a cooler with a couple of towels. With the weather being so hit a lot of the guests showed up later and we didn't serve dinner till almost 7:00. When I took them out of the cooler they were still blazing hot. For those of you who are curious as to how long they stay hot. They were still warm when everyone left at midnight.

    With all of the comraderie I only have one pic of the finished product.

    I used the Lexington dip vinegar sauce to flavor it more and

    served with rolls, coleslaw, rice and beans, potato salad, green salad etc.

    I invited 55 and about 30 showed (we are having a heat wave) so I had a rediculous amount of leftovers but everyone thought it was terrific! I thought it was incredible too! Everyone took home leftovers and I gave out to some neighbors and the remainder went to the guys at work. At least now I have a guideline as to how many 3 feed.

    Thank you very much for this great site!!
    All the best

    Here are some pics
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    Wow that looks amazing!

    I bet those that didn't show up were sorry.
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    Great job Josie!

    That PP looks incredible!

    Point for an awesome smoke!!

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    Al, I want to say thank you so much for answering my questions a few weeks ago! Thank you very much for your help and helping me take some of the guess work out.
    All the best,
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    Your more than welcome!

    That's why we are all here, and soon you will be the one who is doing the helping!

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    Looks like they turned out great! Lots of room on the 22.5.Thumbs Up

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