40 lbs of bellies 3 ways

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  1. Forgot to take some stages of pics but the important ones are there.

    Cured up 50 lbs of bellies with a couple different flavours, 10 lbs being hung up for pancetta and the other 40 into 10 lbs slabs.

    Sriracha and garlic, honet chipotle, and 2 basic ruhlman bacon seasoning. Those 2 I'm just going to double smoke.
    I pulled the bellies out of the cure on Thursday and back into the fridge for 2 days. Got them ready today for hanging and squared up one side to fit the dowel better.
    Of course I cooked up the trims and stumbled across something odd. The sriracha didn't turn the usual pinky Color when it was cook like the others done or like I have done in the past.
    I contacted a trusted source about my anomaly. With his advice I cut the belly in half to check the interior color. I think it looked ok, so I put the one half in on the doll and just laid the other half on the top of the 4 other dowels.

    Going to do a 10-12 hour smoke total. I'm going to pull the sriracha after about 3-4 hours. Then leave the HC on for about 2-3 more then leave the last 2 on for about 10-12 depending on the Color.

    I'll take them back to work on Monday to slic and package up.
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    I like bacon!:biggrin:
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    I like bacon TOO!!!

  4. Been a rough and long day so far.
    I've never had an issue of the AMNPS going out on me.
    3 times today so far.
    The worst was I lost about 2 hours. Checked to see it still chugging away, went for a nap, got up and it was out. Not even warm. I'm assuming an hour maybe even 2 hours lost of smoke.
    Started making dinner ( pizza on the Blackstone) went to light that, smoker is out.
    Went out to put the Blackstone away after cooling, smoker is out again.

    I grow tired of this today. The first belly as planned is out. Second one shortly. Going to pull the last 2 at about 10pm. It's just before 8pm as I type.

    All vents are open so it's not choking down. I can't find a reason.

    Any who, all will be well in the long run i guess. I just didn't get it done in the time I thought and to the depth of smoke I wanted to experiment with.
  5. I just had a issue, finally microwaved pellets for 4:00 stirred then another 2:00 & mine burned good it was a really struggle Wednesday for me with my bacon.

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