4# butt stuck at 150???

Discussion in 'Pork' started by saltydog1, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. saltydog1

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    great day for smoking and football here in Texas

    I've had a 4# bone in butt on since 4 am. It has been sitting at 150 the past 2.5 hrs. I've read all about the stalls and I'm checking with my own temp prob. I am trying not to foil being my first butt and want to experience the BARK!!! I was just hoping to have for lunch, once it comes out of stall does it go pretty quick? I was wanting to rest it for an hour or two as well. In the mean time I'll just pop another top and enjoy the smell

    Thanks for any info. GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. mjeffcoat

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    Yes it does go pretty quickly once it gets by the stall. Pull it at 190-200 and wrap it in a towel and put it in a cooler for an hour. You will love the result.
  3. saltydog1

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    190-200?? From what the majority on here say I should let it go to 205 before removing. I plan rest in the cooler at least an hr
  4. foamheart

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    There is a million ways, each person has their own way. I am looking for the one word that will help you achieve your smoke. Its the favorite word of a great old smoker around here OldschoolBBQ. The word is patience! Patience will be rewarded no matter what your course.

    I usually pull my butts at 203, its like my magic number. BUT when you become experience with the toothpick test, its always the defining factor in when to pull.

    Me, I let mine just sit till 203 IT, pull it, and let it rest on the kitchen counter with a dish towel covering it. So not too much of the great bark doesn't evaporate to little fingers needing a taste.

    I consider it the perfect bark.

    BTW I am glad I hadn't planned to cook today, to worn down from last nights game...... ZOMG! Totally AMAZED STILL!
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  5. saltydog1

    saltydog1 Newbie

    So what's the defining factor of the toothpick test? I'm sitting at 175 going on 12 hrs for a 4# butt. Seems like a long time but maybe my PATIENCE is running out.
  6. saltydog1

    saltydog1 Newbie

    Here she sits

    [ATTACHMENT=1695]204734807Butt (1,398k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  7. saltydog1

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    Got it!!
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  8. foamheart

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    Sorry for the late reply, my excuse.... I have roofing contractors working all day on a Sunday!

    Long cooks like pork butts and beef brisket can be forced only a small amount to hurry thru a stall. But you never know how long one will take. Normally a 10 lb butt with no crutches I figure about 18 to 22 hours to cook. Last month I had a butt cook in 13. You just never know. You just have to be patient and wait for the meat to tell you either by electronic indicator or by physical testing.

    I use both as most here do. But when I first started long ago, it was physical only. Use something, toothpick is common, and poke the meat and check the resistence. Do it every time so you can see which resistence gives you the meat you want. Pop always used a screwdriver cause it part of his pit equipment...LOL

    Forc pulled meat you want little or no resistence, I think most say the resistence of warm butter. Its something you'll learn.

    Again sorry, I wasn't ignoring you but overtime contractors get my first priority I am sure you understand.

    So...... hows it look and did you have enough patience?
  9. It looks good. How long did it take? Did it pull well?

    Happy smoken.

  10. saltydog1

    saltydog1 Newbie

    Took it off at 188 in the oven 350 for 30. Pulled it out at 204. Foil and towel in the micro, pulling it in 20 min. I'll try to get pics if I remember. Kept poppin tops to get through the "STALL" as suggested here at SMF.... Great advices till it takes 14 hrs for a 4# butt :beercheer:
  11. mjeffcoat

    mjeffcoat Fire Starter

    You don't want to risk drying it out. The higher the temp goes the more likely that will happen. Pulling at 190-200 ensure the connective tissues are dissolved and ensure a good pull.

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