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  1. Howdy again "smokies", from the BBQ mecca...NYC...I have about an 11 lb. packer brisket and will try my second attempt to smoke. Am using my Char-Griller 50/50 w/ SFB. I am going to try the minion method and have erected a cage aound a large coffee can and filled with briquets and some mesquite chips dispersed throuout. Since I do not yet have a tuning plate, I wrapped some heavy foil around the hot side of my coal tray to form a makeshift plate about 8 inches wide to hopefully push the heat and smoke more to the center of the grill. I installed a 3" elbow fitting on the chimney to extend it down to an inch above grate level.I am intending to smoke at 225 for about 5-6 hours, then foil it with some marinade and leave in oven overnight at 200 and check internal temp. in morning until finished. My last attempt was very trying due to temp control problems after 3 hours or so. I was using lump charcoal and kept chasing 225 for another 12 hours until giving up and going to my oven.So.....yes ...I am leading to a few questions.....First....any thoughts about going to oven after initial 5-6 hour smoke for temp control....or is this something someone from NYC would be expected to do and is frowned upon in this arena? Second...should I place the point on the hot or cold side of the grill...or rotate at some point. And finally....do I not mop the first two hours....I have seen varying comments on this issue...some say every hour from start, some do not mop, some wait three and mop every 30 mins....Is there a consensus at S.M.F.?....Thanks much for any help I may get !!! 

    ALso...Any thought on injecting marinade??  DOes it go in just before I put it on to smoke, The night before...or is it a waste of time???
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    Abynrml , that is something a New Yorker would do- LOL [​IMG].If you don't have the patience to stay the whole time , whimp out and take it to the oven . Practice with your Smoker to learn how to keep temps. even , the trick is patience ... don't do things in a hurry . Make small changes to your inlet or add just a little fuel so you don't choke it down.

    I normally place my point to the hot end , close my Smoker lid and leave it shut (using my therms. to track the IMT and Smoker temp.).I know , no mopping may be dry , but Nay I say, the moisture circulating around in the cooking chamber will keep it nice and moist , and you'll get a fantastic Bark.

    But everyone is doing it their own way so it's up to you ...You'll want to cook at 225*f or close ,for 1.5 hrs. per pound of meat and add some time for stalls . And IMHO , injecting a Brisky is sacrilegious.

    I'm not your typical Smoker , I'm a little Anal about my smokes... once closed to cook , my Smoker lids do not open until my time guess is at hand , then I look at temps. and look at the quality of the meat . A 15lb. Brisky will be in for ~17.5 hrs. then the temps. are about right and I can open the lid and look...if I have something that needs Babysitting and mopping , I'll break out another (smaller) Smoker to do the job , quicker recovery .

    IMHO , injecting or marinading a Brisket is a waste of time... done right  , with simply S/CBP and smoked at ~225*f for the allotted time , your meat will be tender and tasty...

    Have fun and...
  3. Thanks kindly sir "oldschool"....I have no idea what "S/CBP" means....but all points are well taken..So far the Minion method was a disaster...almost had to call out my buddies at FDNY...the coals somehow began burning across the bottom of my unlit pile towards the air inlet and temp shot to 300...I removed lots of coals and still trying to let it simmer down to 225. I guess the reason for the reverse air flow may be due to having the chamber chimney not opened enough???...I had it opened halfway as well as my air inlet..t.hought I read that procedure in SMF...so I guess this will be another night of adding coals as I go to try to maintain 225...it's now almost 9 p.m. and I am yet to put it on, so it's gonna be a long night...probly still gonna go to oven at 1a.m....but I will NOT inject my brisky...don't want to go to Smoker's Hell.....
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    abynrml, evening....  Usually, the temp is adjusted before the meat goes on....  Charcoal and chunks put in and lit.... minion method included... Air inlet damper open to heat and close to adjust to final temp.... when adjusted... put the meat in... Dave
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    NYC???????  I heard they where famous for SALSA,,, Not BBQ...lol  In fact,,, out of all the BBQ show I have watched ,NEVER has NYC been mentioned....Sheeeesh...lol[​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]Hey there...Will be waiting for the pics.............[​IMG]
  7. Rough night.....finally got temp down to 240 and put meat on at 9 p.m....Then temp continued to fall again to 180-190 and I fought this until 3 a.m. and went to oven...and to bed...Left in oven at 225 and woke up at 8:30 to find my internal at 210....Am about to open the foil after resting for 2 hrs to see the damage. I have baby backs that need to smoke today and am feeling very leery of the "Minion guy"...any thoughts as to why my coals burned underneath towards my air inlet causing the initial inferno? will post my brisket pics soon...even if it may be embarrassing.....
  8. ok...here's the damage.....I think my bark sat upside down in a pool of juices when in the foil..juice level was about halfway when I opened the foil. Looks like hell....I did not mop this one except when wrapped in foil ,I added 1/2 cup apple juice and some rub mix....BIG question..Can I place this heap back on grill to get my bark back???...or will it just make things worse?? First pic is top of fat cap...sorry if these pics are disturbing to some!!!

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    abynrml, morning....  Well those pictures won't make the cover of "Better Homes and Gardens" but I'd be happy to sit down and eat it..... or stand up and eat it....

    the meat looks like it has a nice smoke ring and it sure looks juicy, moist....  

    If you want bark, put it under the broiler for 5-10 minutes....  Foiling and adding mop does that to nice crispy bark....  just the nature of the beast...  Dave
  10. thanks sir...was just about to put it back on grill with some added dry rub...but will go to broiler....now it's time for the baby backs...I hope I can keep temp steady...but need real help with this SFB combo.....seems to enjoy 180-190 for some odd reason...very frustrating.....HEELLLPPP!!!!
  11. I'll gladly try a slice..........[​IMG]
  12. [​IMG][​IMG]Thanks youse guys...broiler for 10 mins...and hocus pocus.....
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    Nice Smoke Ring
  14. I like that.......[​IMG]
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    My guess is.. Salt / Cracked black pepper?

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