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Discussion in 'Beef' started by buckysgt, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. This was my second attempt at a beef brisket. The first one I did came out very tough and not very good. This brisket came out very tender, had a decent smoke ring, but was really dry. I smoked it at about 225 degrees, wrapped it in foil and added liquid when the internal temp was b/w 165 and 170. I took it off the smoker when the internal temp hit 190 and wrapped it in some towels and let it sit in a cooler for 2 hours. I had water in the smoker the whole time. I also had the fat side up. I need some tips on what may have gone wrong or what I could do keep it moist.


  2. pops6927

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    That was a flat vs. a whole packer and didn't appear to have much fat cover on it at all, pretty lean.  You could try wrapping it in bacon next time or get a full packer with more fat on it.
  3. jrod62

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    Full packer will help with the extra fat
  4. Thanks for the advice. I will try that next time I do a brisket.
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    Dump a can of beef broth on it when you go to wrap it in foil.
  6. sprky

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    I have tried several times to do brisket that was just a flat. I have not had good results. However I have GREAT results when I smoke a full packer. I recently smoked one and didn't trim 1 bit of the fat cap off. I have decided the trimming isn't necessary. Try a full packer I think you may just get what you are striving for. If you can't fit a whole packer just cut it 1/2 that's what I do. 
  7. The finished product looks really good. Nice smoke ring.

    I have to also agree that full packers are the way to go. I get mine at Wally World & have great luck with them. I cook mine up to 199IT & they come out tender & moist.

    Give it a try..

  8. mamunoz

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    I can never seem to find full packers here in Phoenix anywhere I go.  I mean the have a flat and a point and fat cap but are only like 1"-MAYBE 2" thick.  They usually have a pretty decent fat cap and weigh about 5-7 pounds.  I did find in a small butcher yesterday a full packer that was 16 pounds and wanted to grab it but he wanted $90 bucks and I don't have any plans for any parties right now so it will just go to waste or my waist one or the other. 

    Either way I concur on the finding a piece of meat with a healthy layer of fat.  I usually cook mine fat side up foil at 165-170 and cruise it to around 200 and they come out pretty good.  Not as moist and juicy as I have seen other but pretty darn good.  I attribute that though to the aforementioned problem with finding a full piece of brisket.
  9. flash

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     Wow, $90. That is ridiculous. We will see 13 lbers for $33 to $35 at our local Wal-mart, but I wait for the sales and have picked them up for $18 to $20. Obviously out in your area, people must do beef a lot.
  10. mamunoz

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    I don't check out wally world very much mainly because I hate shopping there but they usually have crap for brisket there most of it is corned or the same 5-7lbers that are found at Costco, Fry's, or Safeway.
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    i just so happened to my 2nd brisket today and found one at a little country store that i had no idea even sold them.  the smallest one he  had was about 13 lbs which was about 32.00 and he cut the flat for me and said he would have to charge more per lbs I ended up with a 6.5 lbs flat that cost me 17.48 i was glad i went to that store today
  12. kryinggame

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    Hey gents, all week I've been looking for a brisket. All I saw were overpriced flats. I bet briskets will be on sale during Easter week. Heck, all meat and poultery was overpriced this week in Charlotte.
  13. s2k9k

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    Same here in Savannah area, nothing good on sale. Starting tomorrow Kroger has Standing Rib Roast for $6.99/lb, but nothing else good.

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