250 gal rf propane tank

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by gyeakle, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Got a question for the pros. Getting everything laid out to start cutting. I am stumped on the size of 250 g tank . Its 88inches from seam to seam not counting the oval ends over all is about 10'  long. This seems pretty big ( long ) when i look at other 250g tanks. With it being so long just wonderd if its going to heat up and hold a 225-250 heat. The pics i see on this form of 250 g tanks seems shorter . Thanks for your help
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    I'm gonna repost this to get you some more action and hopefully some answers from those in the know on propane tank smoker builds.
  3. gyeakle

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    Mabe its not 250 g more like 330 g ? and if so will a 330 g work aswell or should i try to find 250gallon ?
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    You cannot totally go by how long the smoking chamber is.  In order for someone to give you an accurate answer, we need the diameter of the tank, total length, how big the firebox is going to be and how big the opening is going to be from the firebox to the smoking chamber.  This is a good start for you to go to and plug in your numbers http://webpages.charter.net/tomchism/BBQ CALC Forms/BBQ Smoker Calculators.htm  .  As long as your numbers are accurate, this will tell you what you need to fill your baby with smoke and get your meat going.  I am using this calculator over and over to verify all my numbers on my current build, and so far it seems good. I shoul dbe done with my build this weekend ( or pretty darn close!) so i will let you all know how it turns out.  Good luck with your build! 
  5. gyeakle

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    Sorry for not getting all info. The tank is 30" dim. X 10' long .

                                                       Thanks, Greg
  6. gyeakle

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    Fire box is 30" wide 24" tall  30" deep. opening from fire box to tank not sure yet cause i havent cut it yet.

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