2017 Smokers Weekend - Less than a week to go

Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by wade, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Wow! - it it really next weekend. Where has the last year gone!!!

    With less than a week to go now until we bring the sweet smell of smoking wood to Lincoln  we just need to confirm some of the arrangements with members who are coming. A number of you have mentioned that you intend to come along with friends/partners but it would be helpful if you can confirm numbers below and what you are expecting to cook/prepare. Also if you have any further questions about the weekend then please ask them here.

    If you have not already said that you are coming but would like to, it is not too late. Just let us know below.

    What will be on site and what do I need to bring?

    Most of the basic kitchen and catering equipment will be provided, including.
    • Gazebos to cover the food preparation and serving areas
    • Serving tables, plates and cutlery
    • Heated chafing dishes for the serving of hot food
    • Food prep tables and surface sanitiser
    • Disposable food prep gloves
    • Chiller trailer for the storage of all food (and drink) that needs to be refrigerated
    • Hot water will be available from a hot water urn in the food smoking area
    What you need to bring
    • Any meat and other ingredients that you are planning on cooking
    • Dishes/trays that you will need for preparation/cooking
    • Your Smoker/BBQ - although there will be limited space available in other smokers
    • Charcoal/fuel
    • Any foil or clingfilm that you may need - although some will be available for general use
    • Camping chairs for yourselves to sit on
    What will you be cooking?

    We try to ensure that there is as big a variety of food as possible and so we do ask you to let us know what you intend to bring. If, for some reason you do have to change at the last minute then that is fine, but by letting us know what you are bringing in advance does help us to fill any gaps in the menu.

    Don't forget that this is not a competition. We are here to help everyone to learn and improves their smoking skills. It would be great if you want to prepare something for the first time at the event and just want the reassurance of others to give you confidence.

    We would also encourage you to bring a non-meat side dish too if you can.There will be plenty of food there that is suitable for vegetarians.

    BBQ Beans - We mention this specifically as one year we had more BBQ beans there than the whole of Texas could eat in a month. Please let us know below if you are planning on bringing beans so that others can plan accordingly.

    We are aiming to get a good cross section of smoked food as not everyone will eat certain meats and it does not all have to cooked in the BBQ. We have had excellent pots of Chilli and slow pan cooked dishes in the past. This year I think we are also expecting Pizza.

    Improving your BBQ techniques

    As a number of different meats will be prepared for the meal there will be plenty of opportunity to watch others prepare and smoke using different methods. We will try to publish times that specific meats are being prepped so that you can come along and watch and ask questions. We will also try to include some additional demonstrations throughout the day. There will be an array of different smoker types there and so this is a good opportunity to see them used in different ways.

    Food safety

    As we will be cooking for a group it is even more important that a high levels of food hygiene is maintained. We do not want this to be onerous and most of what is required is simple common sense. We do ask you to observe the following simple guidelines. 
    • Please ensure that any foods that require to be chilled are transported to the event cold in a suitable insulated container and that they are placed in the chiller trailer immediately upon arrival.
    • Meat prep and non meat prep areas will be provided. Please ensure that you use the correct areas and avoid cross contamination.
    • Please ensure that foods have reached the required temperatures before they are served
    • If in doubt ask for advice
    I will be monitoring food handling during the event but I cannot be everywhere all of the time. It will be up to all of us collectively to ensure that good standards are maintained.

    In memory of Annette

    With the sad, unexpected death of Annette Lane - the partner of Danny (KC5TPY) we will be holding a raffle during the weekend. All money raised will be donated to a charity of Danny's choice in memory of Annette. Danny was the founder member of the SMF UK group and without his hard work in the beginning this event would not be running today. If you have any prizes that you would like to donate for the raffle they would be gratefully received. 

    What will you be bringing?

    Please reply to this thread to confirm what you will be bringing and how many will be in your party. Please also ask any outstanding questions.

    Both Steve and I a looking forward to seeing you all next weekend [​IMG]  
  2. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Joyce and I will be coming. We also have 3 (possibly 4) other family members joining us.

    What I intend to smoke
    • Turkey - By request, I will be cooking a Christmas / Thanksgiving turkey on a 22" Weber 
    • Brisket - Tunpy wanted to work with me to cook a brisket.
    • Vegetarian BBQ beans
    • Coleslaw - no mayonnaise. A traditional Santa Fe coleslaw
    • Potatoes - garlic roasted new potatoes
    • Focaccia bread - probably to cook on my GMG pellet grill
    What I can bring if others don't. If someone else puts these down I will leave them at home.
    • Pulled Pork
    • Meaty pork ribs
    I will be bringing along some unprepared meaty ribs to demonstrate how to prep and cut them

    I am also hoping to bring some smoked salmon sides to demonstrate how to carve them. If I do then smoked salmon will be added to the list of foods at the feast. If anyone is interested I will demonstrate how to prepare and cure a salmon prior to smoking.
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  3. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Jill and I will be coming.

    What I intend to smoke
    Black Pudding Battenberg - Black Pudding and Sausage meat "Fatty"
    Brisket Burnt Ends- This will be a first, never done these before.
    Butterflied Leg Of Lamb
    Belly Pork
    Zebra, yes Zebra!
    Onion Tart
    Green Salad
    Dirty Rice.

    For personal consumption, Beer, Wine and Gin!
  4. valve90210

    valve90210 Newbie

    I will be coming along with Wade.

    I am rather a newbie so not quite sure on what I'll be bringing to cook...considering maybe giving pulled pork a go, I've done it once before but might be a good time to get some advice and tips :)
  5. stringman

    stringman Newbie


    Think I better start cooking!!!

    I'm not able to bring my smoker but will hopefully be bringing my Cobb so may bring a chicken or two to roast (can add a bit of smoke to it if needs be lol) I at also bring by baby cobb (if there is room) For some veggie food or jacket spuds, and finally the uuni for some pizza.

    I am also hoping to make some BBQ sauce which may or not have been smoked and may have a few lumps of smoked  chedar in the freezer.

    we should be arriving about 6 pm to 7pm so should be pitched by about 2am lol
  6. steve johnson

    steve johnson Smoke Blower

    Unfortunately Paul can't make it this year but a mate is coming with me in his place although he won't be cooking he's bringing wine bread buns and some sweets and some salad
    I'm doing a fattie, smoked ham, pork belly vortex wings (snack lunch) ribs, stuffed peppers (veggie) &
    Rum cake
    6ft table dishes, plates,disposable knifes &forks
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  7. smokin monkey

    smokin monkey Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    HI Valve, I am sure Wade will help you out.

    HI Stringman, all sounds good, will bring the mini Asado Cross, could have a go with that with a Chicken.

    Hi Steve, shame about Paul. I was looking at doing Belly Pork just to make the dishes up, but happy to let you do yours.
  8. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Whole fresh salmon cannot be found anywhere around here - at least not unless it is at a ridiculous price. I am going to have to give it a miss this year - sorry.
  9. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi Steve - it is a pity that Paul cannot come. He will be missed. If your mate wants to try his hand cooking something then we can set him up with some pork ribs and a smoker. He will have all the help he needs to get them smoked... [​IMG]  
  10. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Hi Scott - pulled pork sounds like a great idea [​IMG]
  11. valve90210

    valve90210 Newbie

    Trying to decide if I should bring the Callow or
    Just need to get a decent lump of meat...fingers crossed my local supermarket will have something suitable...

    Also need to decide on whether to bring the Callow or the Kettle...[​IMG]
  12. steve johnson

    steve johnson Smoke Blower

    Hi wade I'm sure he'd love a go at some ribs the ones I'm bringing are more like baby backsp meaty ones wold give him an insight into both types Thumbs Up

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