2014 Michigan Get Together ( July 19 2014 )

Discussion in 'Michigan Members Group' started by handymanstan, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. I would say noon.
  2. humdinger

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    More importantly, what time are we estimating to eat (since that's when this symphony of cooking will need to all come together)? I think we ate around 5pm last year which worked out pretty good, so unless there are any objections how about we stick with that? Thoughts?
  3. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Noon to start and eat at 5:00 sounds good but I think if we do brisket someone will have to start a little earlier.

  4. The compound will be open for business by 5pm friday and will not close until 3pm sunday for those that wish to roll in early to brine the night before or just enjoy a campfire.

    500pm dinner saturday will be the target.

    if tents, campers or other special rigs need accommodating jusy let me know. There will be electric available as well.
  5. fpmich

    fpmich Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks for the further info.

    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    My MIL collapsed while in CO on May 1st and wife flew out to be with her.  It ended sadly.  Mom Died while I was on phone with my wife and she was in Mom's room along with her step-dad.  Things have been hectic since then.  Please say a prayer for my wife and family.  Thank you.

    Anyway... back to your/our, MI summer get-together....

    Right now, it looks like we just may be able to make it, baring another catastrophe,  Our reunion has been changed to the 26Th.  Yippee!

    1.  BIG QUESTION!  .... Are there reasonable rate motels anywhere near you, within 10-15 miles or so?

    I sure hope so, because if I am going to enjoy a BBG, Fire or the like, and have more one beer, than I am not going to drive.  Period.

    Wife doesn't drink, so she can get us back to motel. 

    My other option is bbq/fire, no beer, and drive down and back same day.  Just doesn't have the same ring.  Ya know?  LOL
  6. Sorry for your loss FP. These events suck..

    Yes, there is a holiday inn just outside the Tanger Outlet mall in Howell. It is on Burkhart Rd/m59/I96 intersection.
    there is a motel in Fowlerville also but cant vouch for that place. Third optiob is camping at my place. Pleanty of space for tent to rock star busses.
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  7. Hello all I would really love to join you all. Please let me know what I should bring to the gathering.
  8. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Glad you can join us Chaz.  We ask all participants to bring your own drinks and a side dish to pass.  Swim suits and towels if you want to swim, bug spray and sunscreen.  Warm clothes for the evening fire.  We will put up a map to Cams a couple weeks before the party.

  9. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    I'll bring some more ABTs this year and probably something else. I think I said this in some other thread but who knows. I drink to much to remember sh*t like this.

    Should be a fun time! Can't wait!
  10. johnbphotos

    johnbphotos Fire Starter

    I have marked this event on my calendar looking forward to meeting and hanging out with fellow Q'ers.

    I'm coming from Lowell.

    I would like to bring my RV to stay in (32 ft Class A).


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  11. Great thanks Handy.
  12. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Sorry for your loss Frank.  Lansing is only 20 miles from Cams so lots of motels here too.
    Rockstar the ABTs sound great at least they were last year and I can't wait.
    Thanks for joining in JohnB. There should be plenty of room for your RV.  Are you bringing your smoker too?
    Your welcome Chaz and I can't wait to meet everyone.

    Looks like we have 10-11 SMF members so far.  This is going to be a great party.

  13. johnbphotos

    johnbphotos Fire Starter

    I might bring a couple. I will know more closer to Q-time and let you know.
  14. robbq

    robbq Smoke Blower

    Hello all. The new guy on smf and this Michigan connection. I would love to attend any function that is scheduled. However I would be the one knowing nobody. If you are okay with that. I would love to bring my smoker and lend a hand. But more so to learn some techniques of better BBQ and smoking. Plus I love great beer and may bring some samples of homebrew!
  15. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Last year we were mostly all new and nobody really knew anybody. It's no big deal just come on out. We want this thing to grow!
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  16. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Glad to have you join us Rob.  There will be many knowing nobody but that's the fun. Getting to know each other face to face and enjoying adult beverages and good smoked food.

    Home brewed beer sounds real good.

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  17. fpmich

    fpmich Smoking Fanatic

    Robb, You won't be the only one who doesn't know anyone.  My wife and I are in the same boat.
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  18. humdinger

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    Sounds like we're getting a decent sized group together! And to the new folks who weren't there last year; don't fret. This is a very friendly, laid back group. Cam does a great job of greeting folks as they roll in so you wont have to walk into the party cold.

    Maybe we should do some name tags this year? Perhaps with our SMF handle in big letters and our first names underneath? Thoughts?
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  19. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Name tags huh? Pretty official get together were having this year! Lol
  20. robbq

    robbq Smoke Blower

    Hey..bacon name tags!..

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