1st Smoked Pot Roast

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  1. Hello everyone,

     First off I want to say THANK-YOU to everyone for all the info. I have been able to get from your posts on this web site! It has helped me tremendously!

     I figure maybe I should post some pics of my 1st smoked Pot Roast since I decided how I want to do it from reading some of your posts.

    I coated the roast with oil and then covered it very liberally with Emeril's Steak Rub and poured a little Bourbon over it.



    In case anyone is curious, that little foil covered pan on the right is full of apple wood pellets. Since I don't own a smoker I used my Weber Kettle. With all the charcoal pushed to one side and the wood pellets on top it creates a really nice smoke. I just add charcoal and pellets as needed. It does the job of a smoker quite well in my opinion.                                                                     

    I smoked the roast for approximately 5 hr. at around 280* and then put it in my sealed lid crock pot for 2 hr. on high till meat was 200* internally - then backed it off to warm which is around 117* for about 7hr.. An hr. or 2 less than that would have been better as it had started to dry out just a little. But hey, it was a trial run! I tried to cut it but it just wanted to fall apart. I poured the juice in the crock pot over the finished product and TOOT - TOOT . . . . I do believe it was the best roast I have ever eaten.

    Here is the finished product - [​IMG]
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    Great job Buddy!

    It looks delicious!

    Nice smoke ring too!

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