1st Ribs QView on the Silver Smoker!

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    After the Craigslist purchace last week I was Dying to Smoke something, anything, But its gotta be smoked! I thought Ribs and ABTS with a Fattay was in order..

    This went from a no pressure just me and my girl kinda thing, to a BBq Party for a visiting Friend also recently unemployed.

    It grew from one rack of babybacks to 4+, tips and bits,
    A Few Abts (for 2) to 24 (for 12)
    One Caprice Fattay
    Gass Grill load of Poatoes, Corn, and Friend Excess meat for some reason they had to cook \???/

    SO Pictures are what you are after...
    Pictures you shall have!

    The Day Of load tray

    I noticed during my preburn that I was not getting enough air in the fire box. as temps were low due to my mods that restricted the airflow which made it start to snuff out the coals I fixed this During this smoke with an axial fan on for 10-15 min off for 30-45 min.. it worked !! BUT I'm modifiying this baffle so that its an easier smoke.. maybe I like tinkering?

    The Smoker loaded up and waiting to start

    1/2 Way... Notice that one of the Tips has a residue (carbon, creasote?) that dripped from the chimney stack ... unfortunate, But, I scrapped it off and ate it anyway later!... I am so adding the extension!

    The Kitchen

    And using my smoker as a hot holding area ( for BBq sauce, beans and the fattay) while the grillers did their thing..

    And Finished Products.... YUM...

    So because of the Slow start the Ribs were more like 3.5-2-1.5 and were delicous with the Cheery Kool-aid Rub!!! Credit to the inventor who helped by posting that recipe here!!! A Memphis Meltdown BBq sauce that I'll put up in another place All in all there is very little left today.. But I'm already looking forward to another !

    Few things... I'm pondering How much Charcoal is normal.. I know that this is subjective to many many factors (wx, Temp, type of coal) I was using Lump (cowboy crap) and Kingsford briquettes. started with a minon set up full load of cowboy and dumped a hot load of kingford in and got it away.. 2.5-3 hrs later I pushed all the still burning coals around to the smoker side and dumped filled the rest of the basket with kingsford..(2-3 chimneys) this seems like a lot? but it worked ..

    Second... I could not get the chamber temps to stay at the ideal temps 225' so I had to add the afore mentioned fan it worked and it was mostly after the smokeing three hours.. adjusting air here at 5500ft. was just not introducing enough to keep it hot.. has anyone else run into this problem at altitude? I still think it was my mods that were restricting the airflow leading to a lower than desired temp that was hard to maintain..

    Good ol'e trial and error..

    Farckin Delicious!

  2. papad

    papad Smoke Blower

    It's interesting that this topic should come up right now. I was watching a program on the Food Network when I got home from work this morning about BBQ'ing. That specific topic was mentioned. They said that you need to use gas at high altitudes because there isn't enough oxygen for the fire.

    But, all in all I'd say you did a great job with the smoke. Those photos look wonderful.
  3. pignit

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  4. irishteabear

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    Nice job! Everything looks great. [​IMG]
  5. old poi dog

    old poi dog Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Great Smokes Heliboy!!! I see you put some mileage on that smoker!
  6. bigbaldbbq

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    It all looks really good!
  7. heliboydoesBBq

    Your BBQ looks great! Could you direct me to the post about the Cheery Kool-aid rub, please? Thanks .[​IMG]
  8. roksmith

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    That dripping out of your stack is liquid smoke. going to be tough to avoid if you are having issues getting up to temp.
    Best to just avoid using the area right under the stack...or you could try insulating your stack.
  9. coyote-1

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    Good work, looks delicious!

    Perhaps though your smoker was overloaded with food, and that helped keep temps down?? That is one full rack of food ya got there. I'm always careful when doing any sort of grilling or BBQ to leave some space between food for airflow.
  10. Cooker LADY---

    Here is the Link to Meathunters Post from another source again...



    Thanks you for identifying the black smut drippin on the food.. IT didtaste sortof ok.. like smoke. I'm sure its not that great for you..


    I think your right OVERLOADED! I thought that when the first hour came and went.. the meat was leaking juices but it was packed in there so tight that the juse was pooling between the slabs.. I spread them out a bit.. but .. the Temps were not moving until I put the fan in to use.. in the future I'll spread them out.. and not be SO hungrey..

    Thank you to all of you!!

  11. mballi3011

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    Thats a nice looking smoke there. Dibbs on the left over.
  12. rivet

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    Great job on your new-smoker smoke~!

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