1st Pork Butt today

Discussion in 'Pork' started by steiny8, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Smoking a 6.5lb pork butt today. 1st one I've attempted! 

    Applied the rub last night. Put it on the smoker early this morning. I've had the smoker for only about a month, so just discovering a problem with the thermometer that is on the smoker. Constantly reads about 200. Had my wife go out and buy an internal one and it reads about 325! Brought the heat down and all seems well right now at 230 degrees. The meat temp is 175 and I just wrapped it loosely in foil. Going to pull it out when it reaches 200 degrees. I'll put up some pics when I take it out...[​IMG]
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    Sounds good!

    We'll be here waiting.

  3. As far as the foil goes, will there be less of a bark keeping it wrapped? Should I put it back on out of the foil for a while?
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    I have cooked and foiled not foiled.I like the results of un-foiled best. I like the bark and have never had an issue with it drying out, either way you will be fine. Personal preference. Try one way this time and another way next weekend. just gives you a reason to fire up the smoker next week.

    Waiting for Qview

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  5. Meat is at 188 right now. Holding out for 200. Barks ok, not too thick. I'm thinking of going no foil for the last hour or so.
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    Stiney, show us your Smoker and all, inquiring minds want to know...........
  7. will do. having a tough time with pictures since it has rained all day today. challenging day, but i'm sure it will be worth it!
  8. Here's the smoker


    Took out the Pork Butt @ 3:45p, 200 degrees on the nose. A little over 8hrs in. Used Hickory and Cherry woods.

  9. The Brinkmann Smoker


    Took out the pork butt after a little over 8 hours. It was 200 degrees on the nose. Used Hickory and Cherry woods.

  10. Tried to post some pics, but they're being held for moderation since I'm new...

    Pork Butt is out and resting after a little more than 8 hours. Took it out at 200 degrees. Looks good right now. Hopefully those pics go up soon!
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    It sounds good.Can't wait to see the Qview [​IMG]
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    looks great, nice job!
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    Nice Butt
  14. It turned out really well. I was happy with it. Cringed a little when my wife tried to put a bunch of sauce on the whole thing after I pulled it. Might have to do another one to take to a football tailgate on Saturday. 

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