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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by mdbannister, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. mdbannister

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    So, I'm new to smoking. I just used my 30-inch MES for the first time. I watched this video on cleaning it (the video is for the 40-inch model with the glass door, but basically the same pieces):

    My question: Is it really necessary to do all of that every single time? I guess I thought it would be similar to upkeep on my grill...

    What do you guys do as routine cleaning? How often do you do this full breakdown?
  2. braz

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    I clean the grates and the glass only.
  3. PerazziMx14

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    Cleaning the interior of the smoker is up to you. I clean the grates regularly but have only cleaned the interior of the smoker once in the 3 years I have owned and used it (dozens of smokes).

    A 50/50 solution of Purple Power and water, spritz down the cold interior close the door and wait 10 minutes. After that hose out and watch the sludge wash away. I'll probably clean the interior again in another couple of years.

    Usually after each smoke especially cold smokes I ramp up the temp to max and let it run for an hour.

    If I truly had to go through the process in the video after every smoke I'd never use the smoker.
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  4. No, I am like Perazzi Mx14 If I had to do all that I would not use mine either. Cover everything with foil, bottom tray,heat shield and chip tray front and use a drip pan. I clean my racks every time and only put in the number I need.
    Weber makes a good grill cleaner if you hand wash your racks as I do. that and a SOS pad will keep them good and clean. After awhile your walls will start to peal. just pull the racks and use a cloth or in my case a wisk brush to de scale all interior wall. Jted
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  5. kz5rt2

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    I clean the glass/grates only, everything else is covered with tinfoil. I buy Awesome at the dollar store to use on the glass. Best stuff I've used so far.
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  6. mdbannister

    mdbannister Newbie

    Thanks guys! I was feeling the same way. If I had to do that stuff every single time, I'd probably not be doing much smoking. LOL Sounds like maintenance is about like maintenance on my grill. I'll go with what you guys have shared.

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