MES Mailbox Mod! for use with AMNPS

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  1. I was having difficulty on hot smokes due to the proximity of my AMNPS to the burner, the pellets would burn up prematurely after only 4-5 hours.  When doing cold smokes, I was getting to much temp rise using pellets which is not a good thing while cold smoking salmon.  So I came up with a solution I call the Mail Box mod.

    Since doing this MOD, my burn time has Tripled on Hot smokes.  I am now getting over 14 hours of  TBS smoke from a single tray of pellets.  When doing Cold smokes I get absolutely no temp rise, since my smoke source is now separate from my smoke chamber.  Total cost was just over $20.00 at my local Home Depot.
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  2. tjohnson

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    The Mail Box is a popular accessory these days

  3. Todd, glad you like it, My friends and I are sure enjoying our AMNPS's.
  4. Outstanding...thanks for sharing it!
  5. tatonka3a2

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    Nice looking mailbox!  We haven't had problems with the pellets burning up too fast in our MES but that looks like a mod I wouldn't mind adding to ours.  Thanks for the idea!
  6. markk

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    I like the idea. One question, do you have any problems starving the AMNPS for combustion air?
  7. chef jimmyj

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    That's cool! Pops did pretty much the same thing to his big smoke house a couple of months ago to get to use the AMNPS...JJ
  8. The mailbox has plenty of holes in the floor of the box used for mounting purposes. These holes seem to provide ample intake air for the smoke generator (AMNPS).
  9. jrod62

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  10. scarbelly

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    This may create a whole new industry for mail box manufacturers. The way the USPS is going we may not need them much longer [​IMG]
  11. daveomak

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    Chris, morning.... I tried your mod on my MES..... WOW.....  This mod works so good... No heat build up in the smoker.....  Perfect...  

  12. It does work great doesn't it!  I need to do some cheese this weekend!
  13. da maxx

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    How hot does the mail box get ? Underneath?

    I'm working on the same concept. However, I bought the flat style box. AMNPS fits with little space around it. I thought this would improve the smoke drafting. Hope to finish it this weekend.
  14. I can hold rest my hand on top of the mail box with out burning myself!  Underneath, I have no idea.
  15. da maxx

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    Here's picts of the Flat mailbox mod.

    And the box.

    So I loaded up a row and a half. I removed the chip tray from inside the smoker. Left everything else. Worked fine. Smoke the entire time.
  16. Chris, this looks awesome. I ordered the AMNPS Thursday night, looks like I will be making a trip to Lowes when it arrives.
  17. The AMNPS arrived today, thanks Todd for fast shipping. So, I had to try the mailbox mod.
    Lit up the AMNPS with PMC.
    Here is the result. Time to get the cheese in the MES!

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  18. smoker21

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    What a hoot.  Looks like $20 well spent!!

  19. flareman

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    I build my mailbox smoker earlier tonight. I used a silicone rubber sealant around the outside of the long as a season the box before using to smoke, I would think it would be OK....I don't want a funny smell/taste....any thoughts?
  20. daveomak

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    Seasoning the mailbox can't hurt..... Could help....  I ran mine without seasoning so I have no baseline to give a good answer...    Dave

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