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Discussion in 'Bacon' started by fpnmf, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Good afternoon everyone from sunny Toronto. It's my second time making this bacon.I do mine in pops brine and let it sit for 15 days. I'm into day 10 . The brine is turning into a jelly,this happened last time I made it ,it seemed to turn out ok . Is this normal for the brine to turn to jelly?? Can anyone explain? Happy bacon ,!
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    Started smoking bacon this morning . At what temperature should I be at 210 ??[ATTACHMENT=2998]Baconyes (217k. jpeg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
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    What about cold smoking?
  4. So I'm not exactly NEW to smoking but I'm very much an amateur. I've got an electric vertical smoker (Masterbuilt). I want to make this bacon and I have a slab curing but I'm curious about the timing and temp. I see you're saying 34 hours, but what temp do you smoke it at? My smoker won't produce smoke under about 120 degrees which I think may be too high for bacon. I want to smoke the bacon not cook it in the smoker. Dose this method really need an offset/cold smoker?
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    You need a AMNPS for that MES. Todd is a sponser here.
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    You can hot smoke or cold smoke. Myself, I prefer to hot smoke at minimum 225° to an internal of 135°, partially cooked, minimum. It still needs further cooking in the pan to a minimum of 145° to be fully cooked, killing pathogens. I smoke bacon/buckboard bacon to the latter, 145° because of two things: 1) I know me, and i want to 'sample' - repeatedly, and don't want to get sick from food poisoning, and 2) I frequently divide up and give my products to my sons, who also share with their friends and families and I CERTAINLY do not want to risk harm to them whatsoever. One single trip to the ER can cost far more than $500 or much, much more, and if my products take 10 or more people to the ER because of my inconsiderate error, I can not afford $5,000 or more in ER bills. Not after paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for 5 strokes. It is your choice, but safe is far better than sorry. Todd Johnson has fantastic products for hot and cold smoking, even grilling. But, think and do wisely in your endeavors. (Oooohhhh, try smoking cheeses... and vegetables... oh! Portabella Mushrooms!... I could go on and on... he invented THE PERFECT smoking machine!!!
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    Here's all you need to know, courtesy of Bearcarver:

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